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BORACAY ISLAND Philippine Best Beaches to visit

what is the best beaches in the philippines and where are the best recommended beaches to visit? This lovely island of Boracay is one of the most famous and premier tourist destinations in the Philippines should add on your holiday trip. Boracay has been name several times as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Asia’s best kite surfing and wind surfing destination. this islands has many small beautiful beaches spread individually notable features, superb scenery, but white beach are among the most stunning gorgeous beach premier tourism in Boracay, it has a spectacular view, shallow pristine water, the famous white beach has stunning long 4 kilometers talcum white sugary sand, clinging coconut trees on the shores, this are known as the spectacular areas, a paradise and fantastic tropical landscape beach. this sleepy fishing village of boracay had been discovered by European photographer and writer, in 90's But since white beach are introduced to the world, the sleepy paradise island now transform into Commercial Island, rapid growth occurred unplanned development, resulted in environmental degration, where luxury resorts to guesthouses, restaurants and bars are everywhere, water supply and solid waste management problem, almost local visitors want to visit this tiny paradise island, where population now increase dramatically, creating rapid growth of tourism. it is stimated about 1.5 million visitors annually arrive in this Malay island, where the majority source of income by local now depends on booming tourism in the tropical paradise Of Malay. Boracay beach has a unique character it has a special settings of aura and charm. The island attracts tourist in different types that suites active adventurous visitor to honeymooners. from world class top destination of kite surfing, and Asia’s best windsurfing destination "Bulabog Beach" to white beach for superb glorious beaches and hidden keep secret puka shell for romantic more tranquil serenity its blending intangible qualities of perfect hidden tropical beach of boracay it’s a puka shell, you will burn yourself in sunbathing without disturbances from others.
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Boracay History: The local tribes of Negritos and atis are the first who settled in this beautiful island of boracay, their resources depend on agriculture and fishing for the fast centuries, then in the past decade boracay people started to trade some value commodities to ship in to neighboring province of aklan. In exchange of dried goods. Some other tribe people they bring chicken or vegetable to trade it in exchange of old clothes sleepers or shoes.
 beautiful Boracay beach view
Bolabog beach popular among sports enthusiast second only to the most Famous 4km White Beach. Bulaog beach Asia’s best known wind surfing and kite Boarding destination, consider top 10 world class best wind surfing,and kite boarding. Bulabog Beach Boracay has a unique qualities stunning shallow lagoon beach it has amazing big winds, and waves soft as talcum powder clinging coconut trees, breathtaking scenery, these are known spectacular areas this are located at east coast of the island.
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the majority of first time visitors are only visiting the famous White Beach,but sometimes tourist are prostrating beacouse of too much people are swimming in the beach and the shore is too crowded and noisy during pick seasson. boracay has plenty of small powdery white sand beaches and quiet area, so if tourist looking for a peaceful place i recommend to visit Puka shell or malabonot, tambisan beach and many more,lapuz lapuz beach is another ideal peaceful beach but private, infact this private beach has 18 hole golf course and hotel. to avoid crowded white beach. Bulabog Beach is another beautiful beach and a paradise for water sports enthusiast, best known wind surfing and kite Boarding destination.
800 meter long Puka shell Beach in Boracay; This hidden golden quarts sand beach should add on you list if visiting boracay island, this beach have no commercial buildings and resorts still intact retain as original beauty and charm of old boracay, its quiet and deserted peaceful and greenery retreats, more tranquil, that you will enjoy more private, in a perfect tropical hidden beach of boracay island. this beach are always empty. no umbrella no sun beds you can only lay your towels on the golden sun enjoying and listening the waves the tranquility remoteness of surrounding beach and the amazing sunset and sun rise picnic with your love once. If you visit this beach bring bottles of water and shades if you like to visit puka and other secret beaches, rent a motor taxi at D" mall station 2, the fare is 150 pesos one way for 3 people the trip is about 20 minutes, or tourist can rent a motor bike the whole day or half day. next to puka is ilig iligan beach it has cove, caves and nice beach good for snorkeling.
Puka shell beach This hidden glorious beach it has amazing breathtaking scenery in boracay. this beach has 800 meters long although the sand are not as fine as white beach, In fact it's a pebbled beach cause the powdery sand was covered with puka shell in a 800 metrs stretch beach shore, it has a character on its own with different scenery of the setting sun, the waves are feistier than on white beach, peaceful less developed no commercial infrastructures and its so natural.
this golden quarts sand beach has turquoise water, more and harmonious, the calming of the beach, visitors will enjoy the pleasant ambience of glorious beaches, a stunning expanse of sparkling crystal so clear water, while enjoying soak up in the pristine beaches And breezy wind. Puka beach facing to undiscovered Carabao Island only 30 minutes trip by boat. this beach is always empty and very peaceful.
Bulabog Beach; a paradise for water sports enthusiast, Bulaog beach Asia’s best known wind surfing and kite Boarding destination, consider top 10 world class best wind surfing,and kite boarding. Bulabog Beach Boracay has a unique qualities stunning shallow lagoon beach it has amazing big winds, and waves. Shallow beach sorrounded by turquoise water and the coral reef, its idyllic tropical island paradise. There are many reason why water sports enthusiast waves, weather forecast and wind hunter around the world are keep coming back to this tiny island. During monsoon amihan from September- march to June 25-32 degrees c hot, and humid northeasterly and easterly winds no rain full, are pretty intense the winds and incredible waves are the best time for wind surfing. And kite surfing. Bulabog accommodate new beginners surfer of all types and levels, so this place are great surf trip for both beginners and individual groups, after soaking and burning at white beach. Bulabog has organize international fun board annually, check the annual fun board cup competition at or check boracaywindsurfing.com avoid surfing during habagat low season late June to early October. 25 -32' c cool south west wind, heavy rainfall.
Boracay location Map and Attractions :Boracay Island has 10 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide, and more than 10 several powdery beaches across the dog bone island, there's no airport in boracay, you need to charter boats from caticlan" Panay Island" these boat takes 10 minutes ride. To Cagban Beach Jetty port boracay. The major port in the island normally these are the month boat route to cagban port these are the weather and seasonal months of Boracay Amihan " high season starts from September to April hot and humid 25 degrees to 38 C no rainfall and windy the peak season. Summer months. March to may, but March appears to be the driest month a sunny days and fantastic temperature. Sometimes if the weather dictates the route change to another alternative port and docking area of tambisan port. These are the second popular boat route coming from caticlan entry and exit point, the port authorities may move the ferries from caticlan jetty port to tambisan port, therefore you will land at tambisan port.
Tambisan port area:  
another alternative port during monsoon, “ low season" west side of the island for example during moon soon month of June to July August, September through October these are considered the low season Cool south, west wind, moderate rain fall. To heavy rainfall month so part of the island is so widely in the west side, coming from caticlan jetty port. This is located at brgy Manoc manoc. Where Cagban port are opposite side. Monsoon season are definitely not the best time of the year if tourist want to burn in the sun.

Boracay Transportation:

Tricycle" taxi" or tuk tuk Thai version, are the popular transportation in the island, the normal rates is 25 pesos to bring you to the main road the center area. You can hire this motor taxi if you want to explore another place such as manoc manoc or yapak, where hidden puka shell beach are located. This are consider special trip. you can hire motor bike from station 2 at D" mall go to puka for 150 pesos one way. In 20 minutes trip.

Getting To Boracay Island:

  • from Kalibo Airport. If tourist arrived at Kalibo International Airport. the distance is 77 km. kalibo airport has plenty of bus are lining up outside in the airport going to caticlan jetty port travelled distance about 1hr and 40 minutes to caticlan jetty port, from caticlan port to Boracay Island another 12 minutes chartered by pump boat or ferry boat. Average fare is 30 to 60 pesos per person.
  • from Caticlan airport to caticlan port if you arrived at Godofredo P. Ramos Airport the distance only 6 km to caticlan jetty port the nearest, outside the airport you need to ride motor taxi going to jetty port only few minutes ride. The fare is 60 per person.
    There are various motor bikes or tuk tuk outside that brings you to caticlan port only 6 minutes trip and cost you only 60 pesos. Per person. But if you have less baggage and like to walk the distance between the airports of godofrido Ramos to jetty port are not so far.
  • Caticlan Airport only 6 km distance the nearest only few distance away to caticlan port Proceed to boracay. But most of this small airplane landing is rough not smooth. Raining season the plane route will switch to Kalibo airport. Take note During Raining season I guess caticlan airport will close due to the bad weather visibility the capacity of the airplane meaning they change flight to kalibo airport. Only during raining season to make it sure all the passenger are safe.

    Boracay port to white beach,Tambisan Port, Keep in mind on seasonal months, there are only 2 boracay ports you will arrive either cagban port in high season during months of late September to early June or Tambisan port, for low season this occurs during months of June to early October. Tips during low season you need to wear sleepers or shorts mostly visitors get wet. When you arrived in boracay you need to take the motor Bike “same as tuk tuk ride in Thailand" from cagban to white beach.
Getting to Boracay Island by Boat from Caticlan: Boat or ferry from Caticlan port to boracay port, only 10 minutes trip by   pump boat or ferry boat the reliable transportation that brings you to boracay island are available from 5:00 am to 9 pm  the fee is 30 php + additional environmental fee 75 pesos. And terminal fee is 100 pesos, you have to buy tickets near entrance at jetty port before you get in. there are many boats has different rates to choice from air-condition to open air pump boat, or fast craft. If you bring small children I think it’s recomended to ride air-condition ferry such as Oyster ferry fast craft is a fully air-condition cabins, and more comfy. The rates are 50 pesos per passenger. But the regular fare is 30 baht for open air boat.
Boracy Environmental fee and Terminal Fee? When you step at jetty port caticlan You have to secure the terminal fee, and environmental fee cost 170 pesos, before you buy ferry boat tickets.
Boat Ride For Tourist arrive late at night at caticlan Airport to Boracay? there are pump boat are running available charter to boracay but you need to pay higher, it will cost you more than 800 pesos or some ferry fast craft now offer to charter the island morning to evening. You can inquire this ferry last trip tel. Call for more information tel. 0917-8587738, 0922-8277358 or website http://www.oysterferry.com
Boracay ports and public transportation, tourist just off from the port of boracay island have no problem looking for public transportation there are Many motor bike or vans are lining up on this port waiting for passengers to bring you to your location from manoc manoc to yapak. White beach Only 10 minutes ride cost 100 php. You should tell them what station you’re going to, so they will drop you off nearby, the motor bike is only driving in the major and minor road, near white beach. But visitors have to use the walk way going to the resort. So over all the whole trip from caticlan to boracay is only more than 35 minutes. White beach is 4 long stretch kilometers beach shore features 3 stations, from station 1, 2 and 3. Station 1. Features long and wide sandy beaches and beautiful beach view, but higher end hotels and resorts, station 2. This is the center more on bars and restaurants, and shopping center the talipapa, seven eleven and other convenience store. Station 3. there are various cheap food shops, and restaurant, and it has large area where economical budget accommodation are available, this is the most favorite place among young and group budget travelers there are many room for rent, apartment, guesthouse and budget hotels for everyone, especially for a family. All station from 1 to 3 are connected, where walk ways are located in front of the shore.
By air: FIST TIME FOREIGN TRAVELLERS to BORACAY: if travelers come from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. My recommendation is fly Cebu pacific Air. The plane landed at the NIA International Airport is a gate away to the Philippine islands, the same Airport going to Caticlan-Boracay, or Kalibo just tells the Airline counter for connecting flights. This is the most convenience. No need to pick up your baggage at Manila Airport .just switch your plane for domestic flight next door going to caticlan. Cebu pacific has a several flights in Asia and it’s a budget carrier, offering a promotion flight if you book earlier. So be sure have enough extra time for departure domestic flight. Reminder for tourist has planned to visit boracay makes sure the plane landed at NIA AirPort. Or it depends on your point of origin. so be aware these two Airport in Panay VIA Caticlan and Kalibo, if foreign visitors fly via Kalibo Airport it takes 1hour and 30 minutes from manila international airport, then another 1 and 40 minute travelled by bus going to caticlan jetty port. Then another 12 minutes ride by pump boat, speed boat, or ferry boat going to Boracay Island. But most of this airline operate is Cebu pacific and Philippine airlines they both landing smoothly and the most reliable. So don’t worry.

Boracay Popular Attractions and what to do

Willy’s rock: Good for picture taking one of the attractions in white beach. The rocks have a chapel house of Virgin Mary only few step in station 1 white beach.
Fairway and blue water Golf and Country Club: Feature 18 whole par 72 world class golf course designs by Graham V. Marsh, tourist can stretching your arms and swinging your golf club,  this magnificent golf course is a challenging experience during amihan northeast wind, the most windy, challenging experience for golfers. The golf course has perfect good view and overlooking to beach.
baling hai beach And bolabog beach located at east side of the island, opposite to white beach  famous for its water sports, such as kite and wind surfing, parasailing, fly fish, scuba bolabog is a peaceful beach and shallow water, a perfect sea breeze and shading  coconut trees on the Bay Shore, suitable for kids to swim
Mount Luho: The highest elevation in boracay. About 100 meters high popular for motor biking and mountain biking on top is breathtaking scenery overlooking the Bulabog beach. Beautiful scenic view on top.
Fire dancing or fire twirling: popular to watch in boracay at station 2, during night time, after your dinner or get bored in your hotel, flex your legs and start hanging out in this area, several bars and live music are perform in this night entertainment area or prepare walking on the beach side while the beach is only few steps away.

Dragon Boat festival takes during April and may

Zip line and Zorbing in Boracay

Boracay Island Hoping: Island Hoping tour is very popular activities to do in Boracay island, for 2 adults and 2 children cost 1000 pesos for 4 hours, exploring the hidden islands of Puka shell, coves, snorkeling and diving can be the best adventure for your trip,laurel island crocodile island, and the neiboring island of Karabao Beach Romblon.
Scuba Diving in Boracay: its a big business, many of this tour operator and diving school cater for divers from all over the world. Although English is widely speaking in Philippine several diving school operator provide and offered their own package accommodation.

Popular 20 dive sites and snorkeling in Boracay Island.

Yapak Wall: the most impressive dive spot in Boracay, consider one of the premier dive site in the Philippines Yapak has a 4 deferent features, Yapak 2 the most spectacular dive site and favorite among divers, consist of 2 deep walls, featuring magnificent sea escape, dense of rich of marine life, from giant barracuda, grouper, manta ray,, eels, lionfish, whale sharks and more. This great dive site for the experience diver only. The wall range from 30 meters -drop down to 70 meters. Deep.
Bat Cave : one of a challenging experience this place except from the coral and beautiful seascape, colorful marine life divers can see a bat inside in the cave. One of the popular attractions among divers in boracay. The cave feature the giant fruit bats the wings span of up to 4 feet .including the flying foxes.
Friday's Rock: Popular for beginner divers the dept is about 18 meters, the site has full of colorful exotic fish are swimming around it has 2 deferent site Friday’s reef and Friday’s rock. This area is also good for island hoping for fish feeding.
Laurel island : consist of two small island one of popular destination among divers and suitable for snorkeling some covered corals are good condition with hard corals as well colorful soft corals.
Other popular dive sites such as Punta Bunga, Balinghai about 8 to 30 meters deep, Virgin Drop, Chanel Drift, Tulubahn Reef.
Crocodile Island: It’s a small uninhibited island that forms the shapes of crocodile head it has several canyon and caves with many exotic marine life and colorful fish , stunning beautiful sea escape good for diving.

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