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Famous Floating Market to visit in Bangkok?


Damnoen Saduak: Thailand famous floating market at Ratchaburi province a distance of 105 km south of Bangkok. famous for its old style traditional floating market the local way of life the colorful boat vendors selling across the canal while cooking food, the cultural heritage, historical sites, and fruit orchard. damnoen saduak flaoting market It takes 1 hour and 45 min drive from Bangkok. this floating market are the most famous and photograph destination in Thailand and one of the most tourist attractions consider top 10 destination must visit Thailand.



Many boat vendors are loading all kinds of stuff ready to sell along the canal for customers, some of them are cooking in the motor boat. While others are busy selling fresh produced fruits, and vegetables. Beside there’s a table and chair while customers can buy food, at boat vendors.


Damnoen saduak floating market and the canal was built in 1866 by king Rama IV of chakri dynasty. During the past decade this province has become well known and popular visiting place among local tourist, because of the old style and still preserved the traditional floating market where local’s villagers and sellers are busy early in the morning buying and selling all kinds of stuff across the canal.



This traditional still preserved up to now a days the local way of life in the province and the beautiful scenery across the river where many local villagers live nearby canal still depend on the water mode of transportations, their unique traditional Thai wooden house architecture attracts many local tourist.

Monks arriving with puddle boat every morning routine for alms round, some locals are fishing across the river early morning, while local puddle boat vendors started arrived selling garland, fruits, vegetable and food.

many of these small puddle boats positioning around the "klong" a mesmerizing colorful scene, where many Boat vendors are paddling along the canal ready to sell their loaded fresh fruit just pick up from the nearby orchard farm, sweet pomelo, rose apple, banana, sweet mango, rambutan, sweet grape and vegetable are widely grows in this province some boat selling handy crafts and affordable local food such as noodle with herbs are selling only 30 to 40 baht a bowl 1 dollar inside the boat.

One of the attractions on this Market is the colorful fruit boat vendors, during March, April and May it’s a fruit season and there are plenty of colorful fruit loaded by many boat vendors for a very cheap price. Or tourist can visit one of the fruit orchard nearby or join the fruit buffet inside the farm with your family it’s more exciting.

Damnoeng Saduak market, start early morning but from 8 am to 12 noon, the market is very crowded and vibrant. Many of these boat vendors selling paddling across the canal to catch buyers while some are cooking food inside the boat.

Interesting market alleys sell anything different kinds of tasty delicious cheap street foods, some 70 year old shops still serving aromatic ice coffee, hot chocolate and tea milk must try. While grilled sea food are very cheap. Handicrafts, souvenirs and snacks everywhere in the corner. many middle age women in the puddle boat is waiting for the customer to buy their fresh produced vegetables and foods,

But most of these small boat vendors don’t stay longer they are keep moving to other corner to catch buyer, or some boat peddlers are waiting local tourist renting their boat for a quick tour across the canal or visiting temples some of them offer a orchard fruit visit and other interesting attractions sites for 1 or 3 hours tour, But normally week days are the most crowded day, Saturday and Sunday where local tourist flock in this floating market.               


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women with her puddle boat loaded a mangoes, the others are selling sea food, and popular vegetable sauce among local, colorful umbrellas, and many kinds as you found in the public wet market’s I observe the majority of these puddle boat vendors are middle age women and very hard working, they're so busy moving around side by side to catch a customers in the morning, many local buyers come early morning to catch the fresh produce vegetable, and fruits while tour group visitors started arrived.


Visitors are enjoying taking photos while renting a motor boat tour, there are several places in province you can visit after the floating market.




Damnoen Market Boat Rental fee:


visitors are planning to rent a boat for the whole day it will cost you a bit expensive average 1,800 to 2,000 baht the whole day, But individual tourist can join the tour group which is only 400 baht per person half day.


Most of the private tour group will offer hotel pick up, market lunch and other interesting sights. Another rent puddle boat for 400 baht is cheaper and they're ready to tour you around the popular attractions, motor boat is 500 per hour.


Damnoen Market Group Tour fee: join a group tour for 50 baht up per person per hr. how to join just walk in the Market alleys, and you will see the canal there’s a sign tour pictures and routes where to go.

You can ask them in the market which boat to ride some people in the market is offering this tour across alley so it’s not hard to find.


Hiring a small motor Boat or long tail boat for rent you can hire a boat for bargain price between 300 above depends on how many hours, tourist should try a boat ride and see the view of Damnoen sudak floating market canal view while the people living along the canal for decade specially the local way of life, and Traditional Thai house Architecture unique fine Thai craftsmanship.


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Transportation


How to go by train:

it takes 2 hr regular trains depart at hua lamphong station and Bangkok noi railway train station.

Best way to get a van or bus going to domnoen floating market?

off bts sky train station at victory monument, exit no 2 down to victory monument building keep walking only few meters distance from small market at the back it has white minivan station route going to damnoeng saduak and amphawa floating market the fare is 180 baht two way.


Getting to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market by Bus?


at southern terminal bust station, first trip 6.00 am for zircon is 60 baht and non air is 40 baht, single trip. About 2 hour’s trip. Going back to Bangkok has plenty of van and bus available, so no need to worry.

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