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White Dendrobium orchids



Denrobium hybrid this beautiful attractive phalaenopsis type hybrid orchids defines the beauty of the clear, white color flower which can be produced by breeding from white or albino form of species,
This plant bloom freely in spring and summer month producing its tantalizing beautiful lovely flower, unlike other denrobium hybrid are not much excessively tall

Dendrobium Dale Takiguchi

In Thailand denrobium are one of the most popular Cultivation because of suitable climate, dendrobium hybrids are the major commercial plants grown for cut flowers and potted plants, the Den Sonia" BOM is a popular hybrid, fast growing floriferous, bright color and has long base life. some of the most beautiful dendrobium hybrids is Den.Khao wachara, Den Ella, Den Anna Queen, Den Linda,Den sure peach, Den Aliasia,Den bella,Den morning star,Den Laura, Den Burans Blue.The Dendrobium orchids are widely grown in part of central region of Thailand including, Bangkok, Ratchaburi, Samot Sakhon, Ayuthaya, Kanchanaburi, and Nakhon Pathom. Thailand orchids are one of popular and common flower for decoration, official function, religious purposes.and weeding bouquet.

Planting seedling:dendrobium hybrid from small pot plants it takes 1 1/2 years to grow from small pot with the roots confired in a charcoal or bark before it produce the first flower. the butterfly or star shapes flower grow 2-8 inc diameter ship with 7-12 buds and the plants stands from 2-3 feet tall. blooming seasson freely in the summers month of march to may and more production during the spring time seasson of september to november.

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