Paphiopedilum orchid: lady Slipper orchid


Paphiopedilum orchid

Today slipper orchid are one of the fascinating orchid plants. Because of unusual form, and shapes, uniqueness eye catching orchids bloom the prettiest leaves of any orchids. Which is very extremely rare in cultivation due to the unusual exotic look, resemblance of lady shoes, paphiopedilum is a genus of 80 including natural hybrids. lady slippers orchid subfamily cypripedioideae of the flowering plants of orchidaceae they are divided into three separate groups, surprisingly the species raised come from different climate, paphiopedilum, Phramipedium and cypripedium, but paphio and phragmiare are warm growing mostly found in the Philippines,vietnam, china, India, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Borneo, while cypripedium in the cooler region, the growth is totally unique with its petals resembles of women shoes, the roots being brown and the plants size grow average 8 cm to 30 cm tall. The flower can last up to 10 weeks or longer if healthy condition, during bloom season many of these species proved have difficulty to raise from seed and slow to reach the maturity, these lovely beautiful plants are extremely rare in cultivation and some of them can be found in the specialist collection.


Today all Lady slipper Orchids Growing in the wild mountainous rain forest are considered endangered species, under the (CITES) convention of international trade in endanger species of wild fauna and flora. International agreement adopted in March 1975. To regulate the worldwide commercial trade in wild animal and plants species.

Paphiopedilum callosum orchid origin from vietnam.

Flower: 6 cm wide
Flower spike: 27 cm long
Plants: 13 cm high
Paphiopedium Prime child This orchid hybrid has been raised from Borneo species P.rothchildianum; it has 20 cm wide produces multiflowering spikes, several brownish lines appear and circular dot. Striking beautiful foliage that catches your eye this orchid is very rewarding most pricey orchid. Most of popular types are the complex hybrids, producing long narrow, shinny yellow or spotted red, striped shades brown and red, plain green with striped white, with two or three or more different colors. That produced elegant results of their hybrids. paphiopedium and phragmipedium hybrids are easily growing indoor plants these orchids is one of favorite collection among orchids lover because of gorgeous to be hold and mesmerizing shapes and easy grow and cultivate in green houses, these orchids requires a minimum temperature of about 55 degrees night and day time requires 70 to 80 degrees but this plants enjoy medium light temperature.

Paphiopedium Prime child This Lady slipper Orchids is one of the most highly Price orchids.

Paphiopedilum Barbatum:

barbatum orchid another beautiful Plants native from Malaysia and Thailand this plant typically produced flower during early summer to spring time more than once a year. produced tall spike slender stem, stunning beautiful attractive mottled foliage, with short rounded leaves, the upper dorsal sepals embellished stripes up to 3.2 in/8 cm diameter flower that resemblance of lady shoes. With various small dotted magnificent darker red color. This orchid is one of desirable house plants decoration.


slipper orchids

Paphiopedilum Villosum orchid’ dorsal sepals green and white, yellow green stigma received deposited pollinia, truly unique flower shapes, resemblance of women shoes, wild orchid from Thailand.


Paphiopedilum grow widely in variety kinds of tropical environment, they are almost found growing in a high elevated mountains to dense jungle cling in on the fork trees grow as epiphytes, while some of these orchids found in the limestone cliff. The distribution of this orchids scattered across south East Asia, including south china, heading to India, New Guinea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Burma, Borneo, Vietnam and Thailand.

Lady Slipper orchid Care:



Paphiopedilum has two types of group, a warming mottled leaved types, and a cool growing green leaved multifocal paphiopedilum, the warm growing type must kept at average around 60 to 65 f during night time and day temperature at 75 to 85 f. the cool growing types should be maintain 75 to 80 f during the day, but some other growers used different techniques, but same temperature so that they can get excellent result.

Repotting container:

Paphiopedilum orchid repotting; many orchids grower used plastic, squat pot and clay pot, but some orchids growers made their own wooden pot mounted orchids normally hanging out, the advantage with wooden pot plants naturally grow like their natural habitat many orchids grow better mounted and you can see what’s going on under the plants and roots, and do not repot orchids if resting or flowering, plants need repotting when they grow larger, so when plants expanding, the roots have no room to spread around and the compost has deteriorated. Paphiopedilum should repot every 1 and half years to 2 in a plastic well drain potting filled with charcoal, bark and other coconut husk, check carefully the new pot enough holes to drain, and sizes.


Paphiopedilum are sensitive, fertilization are not necessary but using special orchids fertilizer once a month can boast the orchids growth, with mix 30-10-10 but every three months fertilized them with complete fertilizer from minor to major elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can get good results.

Watering Slipper Orchids:

keep monitor your plants if it’s over watering or under watering this paphiopedilum plants required lighter watering every day during high humidity months of march to July its a hot weather, from tropical countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand but cooler region morning watering is only 2 times week just to entails keep maintaining compost moist, but not over watering otherwise the roof rotten and die. Spraying a few drops is best alternative to do and check the water is it too hot or cold for your plants to spray during winter. Used rice water an organic way full of nutrition’s or rain water to boast your orchid’s growth healthier.

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