Bohol Tourist Attractions:

chocolate hills bohol philippines

Bohol is a first class island and the beautiful island province of the Philippines. Bohol is 700 kilometers distance to south of Manila a total of 3,865 square kilometers and a distance of 70 kilometer southeast of mactan island of Cebu.

Bohol island renowned for its natural wonders and rich in cultural heritage surrounded by hills, stunning waterfalls, water spring, serene rivers, thousands of caves, mangroves, world class beaches and rich of colorful marine life with 75 small island, tagbilaran city is the capital center of Bohol the 10th largest island in the Philippines with an area of 4,117 square kilometers.

Bohol is one of the tourist destination in Philippines It’s a unique region of central visayas that full of exciting, And mysterious. Bohol has a beautiful natural and cultural wonders that needs to explore.

the best Month to visit Bohol during the (Amehan season)a month of November to June defined cool northeast wind the winds are moderate, dry, cool, the best time to visit the island, in fact it's a pick season while Christmas, new year and Easter holiday are almost fully occupied all the resorts so early reservation is a must.(Habagat season) south west monsoon during the month of July to October is a raining season not so much excited to strolling around the tourist attraction site .but in fact not every day is raining during habagat season.



Bohol Recomended Places to Visit Famous Attractions List
Bohol chocolate hills tourist should not miss this natural wonders of Bohol its the main attractions must visit. these identical limestone hills, is Famous and it has unique features an iconic natural wonders of the philippines. one of the unique geological conical formation from green color cone hills during wet seasson turns to brown on dry seasson, that's why they called it chocolate hills there are 1,776 hills spreeding across the town of Butuan ,sagbayan and carmen bohol you can appreciate the beauty of nature. but chocolate hills are trully wonderful creation.
Panglao beach bohol
Panglao Island: a fourth class municipality in the province of bohol,philippines. a distance of 18 kilometers from tagbilaran city , around 30 minutes drive by car or bus.


panglao known as one of the best diving site in the philippines,as well as a long stretch of white powdery sand beach and prestine water,Panglao Island located in southwestern tip of Bohol,.Panglao derive from originated name panggaw to panglaw then officially panglao. Famouse Dive site in Panglao island such as , Balicasag island,Kalipayan Island, Napaling, Doljo Point, Arco Point, Garden Eels.
Aloha beach and Anda beach are the two famous beach in Panglao bohol. Dumaluan Beach another hiding paradise and very peaceful environment.Diving in Bohol is a must one of best finest diving site,in philippines the expressive coral garden, colorful marine life, along the coast of Balicasag, cabildo at loon and panglao. vast of colourful and exotic marine life. Anda beach snorkeling are the most highlight there are lots of coral prolific marine life and the emerald water generally calm with spectacular sea scape view. and colourful reef-fish among the small boulders and rocks,encrusted with patches of sponges.

bohol dolphine and whale watching

Dolphin and whale watching

Balicasag island:Famous for its endangered whales and dolphins’ one of the attractions in Bohol is dolphin and whale watching a month of March to say the best time to spot whale and dolphins the island of Balicasag during early morning is the best time.

loboc river cruise bohol

The floating restaurant cruise

Loboc river cruise: A number of boast features a buffet of local delicacies, bands and singing groups, like renowned loboc children choirs.There are two river cruise in Bohol routes, either loboc river cruise or Abatan river tour" Looking for tranquility and pureness of nature so take loay cruise. for a peaceful and the local way of life some interesting feature has a wonderful waterfall in the area for refreshing after visiting the loboc.The town of loboc lies in the middle of panglao island and chocolate hills, along loboc river. during the holy week (Pana-ad sa loboc) holy Thursday and good Friday semana santa or holy week theirs way of the cross procession with 80 feet long cross on top of the highest hill in loboc. ton tanan waterfall are also one of the highlite for those trekker enthusiast.

Mag-aso falls

One of the tourist attractions in Bohol only little distance from the town proper of antiquera north east of Maribojok city. A 19 kilometer or half an hour drive the waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, some coconut and deciduous tree and the phallic rock formation blessed with forested rolling hills the 25 feet twin waterfall down

tarsier bohol attractions

Tarsier in endangered species

Tarsier: The smallest primates. Locally known in Cebuano mawmag or mamaa in Tagalog is an endemic to the Philippines.Found only at the southern part of the Archipelago. measures of 3.35 to 6.30 inch. This nocturnal creature has a huge round eyes with good vision it has unique ability by turning its head 180 degrees as well a jumping backward with precision, Tarsier classified as 4 types of species, Spectral Tarsier, Dwarf species (tarsius pumilis), Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius Syrichta) which is endemic to the southern Philippine island of Bohol, leyte, Samar, and Mindanao.Bornean Tarsier (tarsius baucanus) from Borneo and Sumatra. These Nocturnal creatures are active during nightime, and sleep during day time it feed on insect, termites, mice crabs, small fish, beetles or even lizard. Tarsier food consumed around 10-12 grams per day. And the pregnant female consume double.

Antequera known as the basket capital of Bohol / crafted bamboo furniture’s.


Antequera Town. Antequera town -

lies in the southern part of the province of Bohol 19 kilometers away from tagbilara city, known as the basket weaving industry of Bohol, and also source of well crafted bamboo furnitures.the town is blessed with natural wonders such as spring, caves, and waterfall.

Known as the good quality and cheap handy craft produced product is widely accepted in the world market .Antequera produced various type sizes and shapes of handicrafts magically woven from local weavers. From furniture’s, bags, wall decoration lamps, fashion accessories, baskets, placemats, and many things the handicraft products brought to the market Sunday market. But during special day on March annual festival display huge deferent native handicrafts. Wide selections of native product for souvenirs and house furniture.


zipline bohol

Danao adventure Park:and zip line Adventure

Danao Adventure Park

Located at barangay magtang tang it’s an eco/educational adventure park offers some of the exciting activities suites of all ages cable car ride and Zip liner the longest in the Philippines

Danao town province of Bohol is the Philippines longest and tallest zip line in fact it has a half kilometers length from one mountain to another over looking Mountain View

Bohol Budget Hotel Accommodation List
Weekend Hotel Deals from as low as $45/night 
  • Pamilican Island:

About 2 kilometers stretch of white powdery sand beach, with stunning beautiful seascape and coral garden abundant of marine life, Pamilacan Island is a quite fishing village transform into favorite whale and dolphin watching and diving destination pamilacan now is a marine sanctuary. Some other dive sites around the cost share common species, but on the other underwater terrain and reef communities can see a big differences, one of the exciting of this island commonly spotted the bottlenose dophine,Risso dlphine,spotted dolphine,fraser dolphine,Manta Ray,bryde whale, sperm whale, melon headed whale, and short finned pilot whale. The ideal to watch during the month of March to June or July. Some interesting activities to do in the island are kayaking, swimming and diving and island hoping.

  • Getting to Pamilican Island:

From tagbilaran city to Baclayon Town, ride a jeepney a public cars or bus it takes 15 minutes get off near Baclayon church, where the pier (Baluarte)was located, several passenger pump boats bound to Pamilacan island, the journey takes 45 to 55minutes or more it depends of the weather condition. going to Pamilacan Island are not so cheap by charter boat it will cost you 1,500 pHp but if you looking for a cheap boat lift can catch the affordable boat farer during only Wednesday(market day) and Sunday (church) these are the days the pump boat caters the pamilacan islander. so visitor in the island can join the routes fare of 30 to 50 pesos. Per head. Looking for affordable cheap accommodation in the island are plenty from basic cottage from fisher families for 2 persons, including 3 meals will charge you 1,500 pesos. Very affordable.

  • Chocolate hills: (Carmen town Bohol) the main Attraction of Bohol one of the most famous photographed in the Philippines and considers one of the natural wonders of the world. The cone shape consisting of 1,268 haycock hills and a 30 meters high stunning beautiful landscape one of its kind the hill changing colors during the summer time.
  • Baclayon church: (baclayon, Tagbilaran city) built during 1595 one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines. Spanish century old architecture design.

Banacon island mangrove forest: one of the largest manmade mangrove plantations in Asia. Recommended for those who love birds watching and seahorse

  • Dauis church: one of Bohol stunning beautiful church Spanish style design architecture
    Loboc church: second oldest church in Bohol built in 1608.
  • Pamilacan Island: only 1 hour by boat from baclayon feature a rich of marine life abundant of fish such as mackerel, manta rays eels, several whale and dolphin found in the water.
  • Bird watching (rajah sikatuna national park, bilar)
    The largest natural forest in Bohol, a total of 90 square kilometers where the endangered species found.

(Caving Bohol) do you know that Bohol has 1,400 caves or more including the limestone formation and ravines, not only caves but some small cascade waterfall can be found but not so widely known for tourist if you are adventurer looking for another exploration.

Jagna town of Bohol has a large number of caves can be found including the deepest cave carmaloan has a 148 meter depth.
Sudlon cave: the largest cave in Bohol feature hundreds or thousands of bats hiding inside the cave.

  • Sandugo festival - annual celebration every year on the month of march the celebration is to honor the local Philippine leader Datu Sikatuna the blood Compact and association of treaty of friendship with Spanish king conquitador,general Lopez de legaspi in march 16,1565.but the festival was change to July to coincide the Annual TBTK Tigom Bul-anon Tibook Kalibotan,(gathered boholanos and the people of Bohol from around the world. the highlight of the festival is the street dancing competition held in Tagbilaran city, marching bands with group of dancer,parde with deferent colorful dress and float parade.  
  • Abatan River cruise - a 3 hour river tour it start at the designated eco tourism village center in Cortes while visitors will enjoy the scenery and tranquility,of the sorrounding old age -decidouse trees, first will pass to Maribojoc- to the thick lush mangroves plantation the biggest mangroves area in the entire bohol.with more than 27 deferent species of mangroves, to protect the area and give shelters to various flora and fauna and other endangered species. then Antequera -pass to the Basket capital, while visitor can buy souvenir or other handicraft the best produce product should not mess Bililihan - the next destination the area has a several wonderful waterfalls such as kawasan falls and other tourist attraction,and traditional filipino houses living near the river and the local way of life theres a 10 minutes cultural presentation, reflect the lifestyle of the local. While tourist can refreshing from kawasan water fall. the last destination of the tour is Catigbian tourist have opportunity to ride a cart that are pulled by Buffalo trek to Dagook falls or go to the hanging bridge is more fun and trilled.

Bohol water fall and spring

Busay Water fall - In sevilla about 34 kilometers from tagbilaran city. The waterfall has 12 meters wide and 4 meter deep.

Badiang Spring - in Valencia around 44 kilometers from tagbilaran city. an underground fresh water spring the cold spring flowing direct to the sea. The spring water has a large pool sizes for kids and adult.

Camago waterfall - at San Isidro Balilihan

Can-Umantad falls - the three layer falls considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bohol.

Ton Tonan Falls - in Loboc around 21 kilometers from tagbilaran.

Inambacan falls - in Antiquera is a 19kilometers from tagbilaran city beautiful cascade waterfall.

composed of 3 from North to south and the centre about 50 feet and 15 feet in deep, the place require a lot of walking so be sure visiting this waterfall must be in a good condition.

Boctol Waterfall - at brgy bactol, another beautiful cascade waterfall.

Logarita Swimming pool - located at bilar town the pool was diverted from logarita spring.

Ardent Hot spring - the most popular the water articulate hot the pool surrounded by many deciduous trees shading the pool, some gigantic rock formation and thick vegetation.

Hinagdanan cave and spring (Panglao Island) it has a large number of a beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.....Hinagdanan cave while the natural underground water swimming pool are very cold.

Bohol fiesta

The biggest celebration in Bohol for the whole month of may, there’s a town, barrio or even "sitio''celebrating the fiesta every town in Bohol celebrates their own fiesta to honor of its patron saint. Fiesta is characterized by lots of food and merriments, before the fiesta started begins there’s a 9 day for novena pray. and verperas this are the good chances for all their love once and relatives and friend are gathered reunite together and sharing the spirit of traditional fiesta celebration among bol-anon boholano. Even my mother always present to visit her hometown of candijay Bohol just to celebrate the fiesta.

"Bohol fiesta calendar "

May 1 Tagbilaran city, saint Joseph the worker:

May 3 Dao Tagbilaran city,Santa Cruz May 4 Alburquerque,Santa Monica
May 4Mabini,Santa Monica May 4 Sagbayan,San agustin May 8 San Miguel, sait Michael
May 10 Calape, Saint vincent ferer May 15 Bilar, Saint Isidro,the farmer May 15 Trinidad, Saint Isidore

May 15 Tubigon, San Isidro Labrador

MAy 19 Candijay, Saint Joseph

May 29 Talibon, Bless Trinity

MAy 29 San Isidro, Saint Isidore

Bohol Tourist season

Low season: During month of June to October (habagat) occasional rain showers
High season: mid October to July, the climate is mild the day time temperature is perfect for swimming, mild and cool
Peak season: during holy week, Christmas, and new year’s day.

How to go:
There are 9 nonstop flight route Flies from Manila to Tagbilaran everyday

Philippine Airlines flies direct daily from manila to tagbilaran
it depends on the schedule call information

Cebu pacific flies direct from Manila to Tagbilaran at terminal NIA international airport. More convenience for the transit flight abroad...
Website: if you have planned to fly CPA this air lines offer a good discount if you book advance.

Zest airways flies direct from Manila to Tagbilaran

Bohol can access via air and sea, domestic flight available from Cebu to Bohol every day.
Cebu pacific Air
Tagbilaran city airport, tagbilaran city (63-38)411-5701 or 411-1548

Philippine Airlines - Philippine airlines sometimes offering a generous package rate flight going to other provinces including Bohol but this is only available on their website just Google it wwww.philippineairlines.comTel. No. (63-38)411-3102 or 411-4226/411-2232

Tel for information flight:

Passenger ships and ferry:

By sea
Tagbilaran is accessible by boat from Manila and it takes 28 hours
Tagbilaran to Cebu only 1 and 50 minutes by fast craft ferry

Cokaliong shipping lines
Terminal Port: Tagbilaran city

Lite Shipping Corporation 50 soledad st, Tagbilaran city tel no.(63-38)411-4724/2874

Superferry/Cebu Ferries - Gallares st.nearpier arena,Tagbilaran city. (63-38)411-2596

Weesam Express (SRN Fastcraft Inc.) -city tourist port,tagbilaran city (63-38)501-8500/501-8223

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