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Noong nooch tropical garden

Located at 34/1 moo 7 na jomtien satthahip, chonburi Thailand, about 15 kilometers distance, only 25 minutes drive from pattaya city, or 15 minute from jomtien beach, and 130 kilometer from Bangkok. this tropical garden set on 600 acres manicure garden, feature thousand and hundreds of plants and species collection grown in this artistic, fairytale garden inspired all over the word, beauty, elegance, tranquility, and harmonious garden, the concept and design elements of this tropical garden design layout transform into formal to informal, modern or traditional. Where the character of the garden define the true identity "origin of the garden" from asymmetrical, symmetrical form, geometrical form, linear, formal to informal garden, to traditional garden, this tropical garden has various replica of world famous garden, from French symmetrical to geometrical stonehenge garden, Bali to traditional lanna style, umbrella garden, European garden, Asian style garden, butterfly garden, herbal garden, cactus garden, water pond garden, to romantic garden. to linear palm trees garden, in fact noong nooch garden has a large collection of palm trees all over the world, hundreds of varieties of bromeliads species, beautiful rare orchids, thousand of ornamental plants, shrubs and creepers and vines, this beautiful garden also dedicated to preservations of endangered species and rear plants all over the kingdom and this garden strong focus on environment and conservation. noong nooch garden support the long term field efforts and comprehensive ex situ conservation program world wide. and educates all visitors by understanding about, preservation, ecology, flora and fauna, elements of the garden, the tranquility, harmony, serenity, the plants species, garden layout, gardens care, hybridization, plants preservation, plants condition and growth. Noong nooch garden can be inspired, by those who studies landscape architecture, landscape designer as well as gardener who love garden design and plants as well as other rare species to learn in the kingdom. Noong nooch also renowned adventure park it has a various collection of vintage sports car display at museum, perform traditional Thai classical dance, mini zoo and elephant shows.


Pattaya best tourist attraction one of the biggest and most beautiful garden in south east Asia, this artistically creative design gardens are one of the most beautiful botanical garden in the world, this garden has multiple theme, each garden has a different concept and character to define true identity of each garden.

Stonehenge Garden at Nong nooch tropical garden

Picture above is Replica of Stonehenge garden transforms into the work of art. this refreshing beauty of intense tranquility ,with a back ground of balinese style garden with various large sculture and object so elegance, good balance from heavy to lighter perspective. Stonehenge garden combined simplicity, creating different several forms, and shapes but more define on motif Of deep color of wedelia trilobata plants grown this beautiful garden. it can be more relaxing and harmonious. I myself enjoying this beautiful garden every time I visited, while I sat on top of Thai teak house connected to sky walk ways observing the entire layout.

how this simple lovely plants tradescantia spathacea added some colors to the garden, while very young Bismarck palm trees at the back can't see clearly on top view, beside there's another fabulous balines garden and French formal symmetrical garden. For visitors i recommend used sky walk ways, this to connect all the best garden attraction and aerial view of each zone.

Nong nooch garden had many elements of different style, from informal to informal garden.


This Beautiful fabolous Wet land Garden or Water Garden, with pond form withed by diverting the stream that flows through the garden are grown With lovely connecting bridge to the walk ways, it has a small pond with natural contours to the landscape, water edge that are grown colorful beds plants with cornus species, colorful foliage such as sanchezia, and pseuderantheum some small bright flowers with lovely decorative feature surround, underground cover, and a colorful ornamental plants it has tradescantia spathacea" or boat lily' a short stem spiky rosette of leaves near the water, while this species enjoying the tropical weather and less maintenance as well as easily grow. With beautiful setting of decorative large animal figures in front a brilliant colors added on top of the large rocks carpeted with dwarf pandanus on ground cover, facing to the bridge and French garden so beautiful garden.

French Garden "radial symmetrical pattern but trim with geometric form” it’s an elegant formal garden

French garden a place of tremendous tranquility and serenity, where the whole family can enjoy this amazing beautiful tropical garden. They transform the beautiful landscape with the work of magnificent art.

stonehenge garden are one of the most highlight must see, these two garden stunning beautiful geometrical form and symmetrical garden stunning so beautiful, where visitors enjoying the beautiful spot, overlooking from the top view of sky bridge with the perfect scenery and atmosphere, from the upper level of terraces leading down to French garden, this marvelous manicured garden, has magnificent radial balance of symmetrical layout, but some elements are added with asymmetrical elements such as, miniature stupas and various ornamental plants with geometric form trimming plants, design combined the shapes, and color. This splendid garden should not mess if visiting Noong nooch. Its a wonderful treasure and pleasure for the whole visitors to see...

Some other listed garden has linear style it has plenty of dianthus plants,as well as the palm trees with 10,000 species collection grown with different settings, bromeliads garden can be very exciting to see this plants planted more than hundreds of varieties, it has 52 genera and 2,500 recognized species excluding the new hybridization but this ananas comusos can be confusing me, pineapples, the plants flower become fruit, and become commercial crop is a member of bromeliaceae family, some colorful phlox plants. My favorite summer plants piones, delphinium, and golden shower trees never had been found in this lovely garden. Other theme garden is more on simplicity but elegance, romantic garden, to cactus garden, European garden to butterfly garden these all has its own different theme and concept, these garden can be a wonderful treasure and pleasure for the whole visitors who loves garden.

Crafts Garden or traditional lanna design garden "formal asymmetrical garden"

This garden inspired by lanna architectural design.

Many luxurious hotels, resorts, private home and spa in Thailand inspired by lanna design, from gardening to interior. The picture above is one of the examples of lanna style garden with iconic spires roof provides unique and elegance. Beautiful settings of lush greenery. Tremendous of serenity is regional identity in lanna northern Thailand.


This garden is one of my favorite, it's traditional Thai style asymmetrical garden in northern Thailand, a geometrical form by trimming the plants, with lovely greenery carpeted ground cover plants" wedelia trilobata, pedilanthus, and Moses with layers of curving shapes, these plants require less maintenance, and grow well in sun and light shades, this garden also added a piece of sculptures by creating outdoor galleries, with small art work base and elephants as well as very old bonsai. refine blends to enhance the concept of northern Thailand style landscape This lovely garden design are more balance with geometric form from dramatic heavy structures to lightness with showers heavily green motif, this marvelous garden has their own distinctive character of modernity blend from lanna style garden. So beautiful artistic work.

Getting to Nong Nooch Garden

Location Map:



How to get there:

By car:

from pattaya to Nong nooch it takes only 28 minutes drives direction to south sukhumvit road, this are located on left side direction, after the memosa market another 3 kilometers drive, very easy to recognized the entrance has fabulous garden, with many palm trees.

From Bangkok:

Driving by car about 2 hrs trip takes chonburi road, direction to pattaya at pattaya intersection turn left then follow the sign to south sukhumvit road.

Mini vans:

from Bangkok to pattaya:
From Bts victory monument leaving hourly, 2 hrs trips the fare cost 90 -160 baht


From Bangkok to pattaya at Ekamai southern bus terminal next to bts sky train station, the bus leaves every 3 hrs.


Taxi or Songtaew:

From pattaya to Nong nooch by" song Thaew ride cost 300 baht you can negotiate the fare before jumping in and how do you return. remember if you have problem with transportation going back to pattaya city you can ask inquiry to nong nooch garden information, because they provide visitors transport service for package tour 2 time a day transport service.

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