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Oncidiums Orchids

This Brazilian species with yellow narrow petal flower and sepals given a unique name known as dancing lady or even dancing doll, the lip resembles of the swirling skirt of female figure as the orchids dance. The flower sizes only 2cm wide with 60 cm long flower spike on branches which give an excellent look. the Oncidium orchids hybrid have become popular because of huge varieties of breeding and colours flower bloom, this beautiful hybrids produced 100 cm(40inch)tall flower spikes with bloom of 5 cm with sepals and petals are smaller and narrow, the hybrids are mainly flowering during summer month and grow rapidly in a lighter warm condition.Oncidium Aloha Iwanaga the hawaian bred right>>>

Oncidium Orchids

Extremely large genus many oncidium hybrids have been produced and become popular worldwide, some people called it different names, such as dancing lady, dancing dolls because of the long spray of flower resemblance of group of ballet dancer or even they called it butterfly orchids, these plants contain 750 species and the largest genus of the three from odontoglossum and miltoniopsis alliance widely distributed throughout south America to south Africa stretching down to northern Mexico, Argentina and south Africa, mostly grow as epiphytic in a lighter warm condition or even in the tropical area especially the native Oncidium, it has green psedubulbs, the orchids has amazing array of flower shapes, sizes and color the plants produced tall flower spikes around 3-4 ft with yellow spotted tiger brown through other colours like green, red, or magenta may appear, Oncidium hybrids was extremely popular huge varieties of colours and flower spikes can reach up to 100 cm length and 5 cm wide, Oncidium can grow indoors or out door

Oncidium has several distinct habit, other types has green pseudubulbs resembling those Odontoglossums, but capable of producing longer flower spikes, define flower has a sizes of 2 cm sizes butterfly shaped, producing large different colours. ranges from golden yellow, brown and tan, some popular group are mule-ear Oncidium, this flower produced taller longer spikes stunning golden yellow flower, this types of plants can grow up to centimeter tall, the larger plants with 30 cm leaves and flower spikes reaching up to 3 to 4 feet, they love to grow in the lighter warm condition.

Oncidium hybrids: become increasing popular among breeders and orchids lover, origins came from south and Central America and now popular in south East Asia, Native Oncidium or Dancing lady known in the Philippines are widely grows in the huge oldest tree trunks of mountainous area  of the Philippines they grow Up to 5 meters length. Other Oncidium flexuosum a yellow flower and narrow petals and sepals from Brazilian have excellent results vibrant colors the finest hybrids among the Oncindiums.

Oncidium and various orchids attach to the mannequin dress, as a decoration from top to bottom it appear looks heavier the small golden yellow flower combination of flames color and green make these mannequin so fabulous dress.

Watering:While the plants are growing, they need to maintain the moist at the roots. Orchid’s roots are important once lost it can produce for new ones. Each pseudo bulb develops its own roots at the start of the growing season to survive until the new growth healthier and can produce of its own roots. if the plants have suffered under watering over a long time the roots are getting thinner and drier and soon die. The best way to watering your orchids pouring water on top and around the surface of the compost.

Cultivation: oncidium grow 9 to 10 months cycles, produce only one pseudo bulbs repotting immediately after flowering before the plants has sign of grow.