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White cattleya orchid, This beautiful white hybrid cattleya produced very large showy flowers. Yellowish hue striking colour, the plants divided in two types of growth, those have to leafed or bifoliate smaller flower produce but numerous flower on top of each pseudubulb, the other one those have one leafed produce fewer but very large showy flowers, the genus consist of about 65 species mostly epiphytic some plants grows all and compact, while the others has Tall thin pseudo bulbs each support semi Rigid leaf. 

Cattleya White Orchid: yellow and red lip

This white hybrid cattleya produced 4 large showy flowers, the petals are rounded shapes stigma so Beautiful.

This Beautiful white cattleya orchid with yellow large decorative lip has pastel couloring petals, has been very popular collection among orchids grower in home, because of producing large flower bloom undefined petal sepals in different varieties of colours, many hybrid cattleya now a days are now look consider different than used to be the native ones, from older cross to the modern hybrid, the trumpet shape or resembles of butterfly shapes producing white, yellow, purple, blue or shades of lavender pink. some has perfumy scents, this plants can be very rewarding if plants are healthy grow.
hybrid white cattleya orchid Grows in Thailand has some large showy flowers and pricey the colored petals and sepals have so frilled and large, overlapping as in rounder flower, some of these cattleya species have per fumy scents Produced two or three blooms are produced on a longer stem, with slender psedubulbs, the frilled petals has attractive thicker tabular lip, and large yellow cream lip edge and red. Some has an ideal contrast of colour combination, or vivid lip coloring is the typical of many cattleya orchids with oval flat bold thick leathery leaf, and these plants produced flowering during spring.

Cattleya White Hybrid
Flower: 12 cm wide
Plants: 37 cm high

White Cattleya Hybrid, produced 4 flowers bloom with beautiful rich decorative red lip, yellowish anther, undifine shapes so beautiful resemblance of butterfly stretching wings, the sepals, petals are so wide with pastel colour. This plant is about 37 cm height, the leaves are so healthy bold green grown in a perfect condition. This plant is one of the orchids exhibition display. Cattleya orchid is one of the largest favorite hybridization during past hundred years.

This sympodial cattleya white have an apical flowering habit, With a long short flower spikes produced from upper to the new grow pseudobulb with swollen stems used for water storage. Cattleya produces a single broad. The roots are thinner, and fibrous thick, and fleshy. Cattleya has large sepal’s and petals wider lips it’s a landing platform to lure insect trap.

Flower 14 cm wide
Plants 35 cm tall

Cattleya Earl "Imperialist" hybrid white cattleya orchid it’s a hybrid of C. Empress bell x C. this plants has been wide used in breeding to produce variety kinds of outstanding qualities large flower bloom, well define lip, with deep yellow throat, and delightful fragrance.



cattleya should repot every 2 yrs in spring, if plants grow larger outgrows its container, choice the right pot with many holes enough to drain water, either a clay pot, slatted wooden basket, or plastic, if cattleya grow in the pot for several years without Repotting this can be vulnerable to plants, if pot is smaller there is no room to expanding growth were roots are twisting larger inside pot as well as when compost has deteriorated and it's clogging with old decomposing particles, the water has difficulty to drain faster. This can lead your orchid roots can't breathe, and swelling soon dies.


If orchids are resting or flowering do not repot, and watering often just provide sufficient enough to prevent the pseudobulbs disturbing their growth. Spraying sometimes to keep moisture and maintain during growth period, this orchids needs plenty of water, during hot humidity but not over watering.

Light and shade:

cattleya loves slightly cooler weather, such as the position under the big trees to give more shades from this plants, avoid Too much exposure to sun cattleya is sensitive to sun it will burn the leaf quicker and reduce flowering. Pay attention during spring time as the sun gain stronger too hot for cattleya to exposed, this plants will suffer over exposure, too much light the plants leaves turning yellowish this is the sign that cattleya are not healthy condition, healthy orchids, their foliage will be bold darker green, and thick. Put some lighter shading in position such as net to protect direct sunlight. Orchids can benefit during Morning and late afternoon sun.
Too much light for cattleya: Orchids grower those who live in condo where your cattleya plants place in terrace, when south sun facing direct to your cattleya during stronger afternoon sun, specially summer This can be danger, move the orchids to north facing direction or next to kitchen it might be Better to reduce sun exposure during afternoon sunlight, specially the driest month, I grow 5 kinds of cattleya orchids hybrid since 5 yrs ago and i place 2 of my plants in south direction in my terrace this plants never produced flower since then, the leaves getting worse, turn yellowish and brown, the leaves are burning like yellowish hue, so I keep changing position every season, I keep paying attention during spring time, too much light exposure the leaves turn yellow instead darker green, ill move my plants next to windows to provide only enough shades as plants require. Now my cattleya showing a good sign of healthy growth, but a takes a month to recover where the noon sun gain stronger. In my observation my Dendrobium orchid are blooming well so beautiful in my terrace, grow healthier, and produced several times annually, with small amount of diluted urine, and rice water.
Cattleya required to boast orchid’s growth and produce large flowers bloom in humidity, watering, air movement, enough light and shade. Cattleya orchid, are doing well in humidity range from 35 to 65 percent

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