My favorite Top 9. Thailand Famous Attractions

Thailand is one of the most Popular holiday destination in the world, The Glimps of Thailand exquisite Cultural and Historical Sites. the allure of northern Thailand Beautiful terrain Mountains and landscape , intriguing enthnic hill tribs, and historical southern Beautiful world class Tropical Beaches. and the Luscious Taste of Great Spicy Thai Food.
these are one of my Favorite List and the most Popular Attractions in Thailand that simply cannot be missed if plan visiting Thailand.

1. The Ratchadamnoen Avenue:

Ratchadamnoen Avenue; is a historical sites at Dusit District of Bangkok. Ratchadamnoen has many impressive exquisite sacred Temples, home to National museum, palaces such as Grand Palace, vinaek teak Palace, Samakhon Throne Hall and public Dusit zoo, Wat Pho the famous (Reclining Buddha) Located next to the Grand Palace and wat pra Kaeo, are link to each other, Wat Aron Temple is only 6 minutes ride by ferry Boat at Tha tien pier. These Area are Highly recommended place what to do in Bangkok or visit the top Bangkok Landmark, and How To Go Getting There by Boat?

2.Temple of Reclining Buddha:

Temple of Reclining Buddha in Bangkok; one of the famous Tourist attractions at Ratchadamnoen this Temple cover an area of around 20 acre, it is the largest wat in Bangkok and the oldest. it was built around 200 years a two century, before krungthep or Bangkok establish, and become the capital of Thailand. The gold plated reclining Buddha is a 46 mtrs long and 15 mtrs high the feet engraved with mother pearl shows 108 auspicious characteristics true Buddha.
One of the attractions of wat pho is Thai traditional medicine and massage. if you love to try traditional Thai Massage this is the right place for you to go. and visitors can learn basic Traditional Thai Massage Course.
Temple Entrance fee is 50 Baht Open from 8:00-17:00
Reminder visiting a Temple should wear proper cloths. Avoid wearing sleeve less, short and sleepers. Before entering the Temple.

3.Wat Suthat Temple

Located just in front of the famous Giant Swing saw chin cha a big monastery compound a Total area of 44,980 sq, mtrs one of the most important temples in Bangkok The temple build during reign king Rama 1 (1807 A.D) Buddha Relics Besides of the Corridors reflects of the sokhothai Buddha
Bangkok famous tourist attractions Temple of emerald Buddha

Bangkok Grand Palace and Wat phra Kheow "Temple of Emerald Buddha" Thailand Impressive Landmark must see.

4.Temple of Emerald Buddha

Thailand Famous Tourist Attractions Phuket Beaches

5. Phuket

A large Island lying in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by blue green crystal clear water, and abundant of colorful marine life. The island characterized as a rug hill mountain, about 862 kilometers from Bangkok, the major Industry is Tourism and the largest producer’s Tin producers in the country.

Phuket Island

is one of the most famous and favorite holiday destination, known around the world, Phuket Island described as charming magnificent beach, with its blue crystal clear water and surrounded by big boulders and magnificent scenic view... Island of Moh Koh Phi Island and the national park. The Islands has abundant of bio diversity.      
The Most Beautiful Beaches in Thailand Phi Phi Islands

one of the most Beautiful Beaches in Thailand Phi Phi Islands Krabi


6. Krabi Thailand

Krabi Beaches, are among one of the best tropical beaches in the world,  krabi province is about 814 Kilometers distance from Bangkok, The Province of Krabi Located at the Indian Ocean and neighboring Province of Sura Thani, and Panga to the North Trang and Andaman sea to the south,pangan and Andaman sea to the west. It divided of 7 Amp hoes Ao Luk, Khlong Thom, Plai Phraya, Koh Lanta, Lam Thap and King Amphoe Nua Khlong.Krabi describe as a rug hill surrounding limestone outcrop. Krabi are One of the Most Popular Visiting province among local and foreign travelers they offer some of amazing diving spot, white and sandy beaches, snorkeling, rock hiking you name it.
some of the 6 famous island can be found here, Koh Phi phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Le, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai, Ko Yung and Kho Phai.where as koh Phi Phi don and Koh Phi Phi Ley are 47 km south east of Phuket, and part of Had NOPPARAT NATIONAL PARK, describe as a rugged island, Snorkeling and Diving are the best recommended. There are many varieties of small reef crabs, rock lobsters, oysters, hinge beak shrimps, octopuses many coral / colorful reef fish surround.
Ayutthaya Temple Thailand Historic site

7. Ayutthaya Historical Site

Ayutthaya historical site, and Temples, 72 Kilometers north of Bangkok or 45 miles, accessible by roads, train or boat.
Ayutthaya is one of Thailand historical site, Boast a rich cultural and artistic legacy, a magnificent temples historical landmarks, ancient monuments survived ruins, a majestic highlights is one of the best example of the history of architecture; from Khmer style a cactus chapel obelisk called prang from Khmer influence to ancient Cambodian and sukhothai era, the structure still remain and preserved
Ratchapruek Flower Horticultural Gardens and Exhibition chiang mai

8. Chiang mai Thailand

Located at the northwestern Thailand, The capital of the independent Kingdom of Lana, City of Chiang mai is a unique place it is the center of religious, architecture and diverse cultural heritage. It has a distinct beauty, intriguing diversity of historic temples, fascinating indigenous cultural identity, majestic greenery mountain, hills and valleys and its stunning beautiful scenery and cool weather, numerous waterfalls, caves , pristine natural resources rich flora and fauna, and the unique colorful hill tribe village. Chiang mai Touted as the rose of the North. Doi Inthanon one of the most famous Tourist attractions, Doi Suthep Temple the most Important Sacred Temple in Northern Thailand, ELEPHANT CONSERVATION CENTER and Mae sa elephant camp Elephant Show another interesting place to visit. QUEEN SIRIKIT BOTANIC GARDEN, Chiang mai zoo, Night Zafari Zoo Chiang Mai, Baan Tawai famous for wood carving, wood strips, gold leaf wood, antique wood, silverware, lacquer ware, hand-woven textile, basketry and earthenware, Samoeng loop, Mae sa valley and Mae rim are the most popular for scooter rides or motor bike rides adventure in chiang mai must things to do, waterfalls and home to biggest strawberry farm.
Pattaya Interesting view to visit


Located at 147 kilometers south east of Bangkok, and more than 2 hrs drive from the city, Pattaya is A popular place among local and foreign tourist all over the world, Visiting Pattaya is one of the exciting and fascinated place from day time to notorious night life, it offers a deferent kinds of atmosphere from north to south of pattaya, some of the expatriate choice to live here for there retirement, accommodation here are available from premier to budget backpackers  travelers seeking for a long term or sort term holiday, one of the highlights of pattaya is a 4 kilometers long shore white sandy beach along the road side from north to south, plenty of international food available serves for tourist .During day time sports minded visitors can enjoy golfing, or tennis some time they organize the Wimbledon tennis tournament here in pattaya. and yearly Honda LPGA.Tournament.
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