The Best Undiscovered Beaches in the Philippine


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The last frontier of the Philippines Tubbataha Reef natural park "Unesco world heritage site"

Palawan Philippines:

Lies in the middle of sulo sea including the Jessie Beazley it has a protected area of 100,000 hectares of pristine reef high quality marine habitat, home to a great bio diversity and marine life, sanctuary of 1,000 species including it large marine fauna such as tiger shark, baracuda, and turtle it has a 350 species of coral and 500 species of fish are among protected.

Palawan Philippines:

Sea escape and landscape abundant of colorful marine life a magnificent coral reef inner lagoon, among the world best island destination and the 13 best islands in the world. According to national geographic traveller magazine, the extra ordinary wonders of Honda bay, El nido, St. Paul underground river and tabon caves, wildlifesanctuary of Calauit Island. The Pamalican Island is the main beach of coyo Palawan one of the highlight beach of Palawan.if you have money visit Amanpulo one of the best secret beach in palawan “the private island" paradise for honeymooners and famous celebrity around the world.

Coron Palawan

Palawan part of calamianes group of islands coron island the picturesque blue lagoon water, known as the top 10 finest diving in the world, stunning beautiful coral reef and exotic marine life sea escape and landscape ,with a famous world war 2 underwater shipwreck. Snorkeling in coron the popular barracuda lake, Cagayan Lake, skeleton wreck is one of a life time experience Palawan has many beautiful beaches.

White beach Boracay the long strecth kilometers sugary powdery sand beach consider the best beaches in the world.

White beach boracay

The most famous, but too crowded during high season, if you're a type of visitors looking for a peaceful and quit place a highly recommend you to visit puka beach. Puka shell beach in boracay another secret beach paradise that should not miss to visit, if visitor looking for peaceful perfect tropical beach. So clear and clean water.
The most photographed beach in the country and famous around the world known for its sugary white sand and crystaline water, boracay is a tropical island about 315 km (200 miles) distance south of Manila a 2 km off the island of Panay in the western visayas region of the Philippines located at the northwest corner of the island of Panay, and part of western visayas region 6 of the Philippines. The island comprises of barangay of manoc manoc, balabag and yapak.boracay has 4 kilometers sugary sand and turquoise water.
The coconut palm almost kissing on the water with the glorious beaches

Carabao Island

Romblon province” has many superb beautiful untouched and undiscovered beaches, carabao island is one of the example must visit this superb beautiful beach is unknown to many Filipino travelers. diving and snorkeling is excellent.

Sibang cove and Cababaan cove

Another beautiful undiscovered beaches destinations in the Philippines part of Calayan Island a small island 196 km2 belongs to the municipality of calayan in cagayan province.the stunning beautiful scenic view long stretch of powdery sand and turquoise water the virgin island surrounded by limestone cliff and scenic rock formation, is one of the hidden treasures of Cagayan province. The development of this area is lags behind because of the coastal municipality distance.

Cagbalet Island

mauban quezon province Philippines, another unspoiled undiscovered beach and pristine azure water, known us the changing tide, the water can move as far as 1 km stretch leaving the shore dry and exposing all the marine creatures, soft corals, shells and rocks that maybe underneath, the island lush of ecosystem host of vast variety of fauna and flora, another undiscovered island.

Camiguin Island

an island province of northern Mindanao region, located in the Bohol Sea, formerly part of Misamis Oriental. The white island about 5 kilometers distance of the coast of Agoho, the most visited tourist attraction in camiguin overlooking the mt hibok hibok.the volcanic island feature various waterfall and hot spring, cold spring, and it has 20 excellent dive site the kantaan dive site the prime dive site .cabuan point,burias shoal of camiguin another popular dive site.

Calaguas Island " mahabang Buhangin"
The undiscovered island in fact it is a calaguas group of Islands consisting of more than 20 island and Islets, the main Island are Tianaga and Guintinua. This survivor virgin Island feature beautiful scenic view, breathtaking place with stretch long kilometers of a white powdery sand and azure water. One of the unspoilt islands in Philippines hidden place and heaven among few local young travelers and backpackers.


The hidden jewel of the northwestern Mindanao Philippines Siargao Islands: is the premier surfing capital of the Philippines nestled in the unspoiled island of surigao Del norte, and faces the Pacific Ocean, Siargao Islands situated on the west of surigao Del Norte. And 800 kilometer distance from southeast of Manila. These unspoiled Islands is one of the most finest in the country sadly to say, but only few people know these unspoiled undiscovered Islands.

Bohol :

Bohol is a first class island and the beautiful island province of the Philippines Bohol island renowned for its natural wonders and rich in cultural heritage surrounded by hills, stunning waterfalls, water spring, serene rivers, a thousands of caves, mangroves, world class beaches and rich of colorful marine life with 75 small island, tagbilaran city is the capital center of Bohol the 10th largest island in the Philippines with an area of 4,117 square kilometers. Aloha beach and Anda beach panglao are the most famous but Dumaluan Beach another secret beautiful hidden beach in bohol need to discover.

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