Phi Phi Islands: Southeast Asia Top Best Beaches and Islands


Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley Islands

Phi Phi Islands in Krabi are two famous islands one of the top best beaches and islands in Thailand. situated in marine national park known as had nopparat national park which is Situated in the middle of phuket, and krabi province a distance About 40 km from krabi town. phi phi islands has an exquisite of fabulous beaches, emerald crystalline water, beautiful picturesque curve bays, and amazing sea escape and landscape sets in forested karts limestone cliff. Phi Phi islands comprises of six islands, they call it koh Phi Phi Don, koh Phi Phi ley, koh bida nok, koh bida nai, koh yang and koh phai, and lovely favorite bamboo island, lies some distance off the coast.
Krabi have plenty of languorous Beaches Phi Phi Ley, phi phi don and railey consider one of the top best and Beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. however these splendid tropical beaches surge a number of tourist appreciating the glorious beaches now started have turn pollution to the islands, were noisy speed boats and visitors are flocking during the high season, so if you have plan to visit this exquisite glorious beaches pls avoid bringing plastic bags, and avoid littering any rubbish into the sea and beach that Plethora of marine life.
Stunning view of Maya Bay Beach in Phi phi ley consider one of the most visited beach in southern Thailand and "Southeast Asia most beautiful Beaches and island must visit". This island is uninhabited nor local houses, hotel and resort and restaurant are prohibited to setting up in this small island of phi phi ley. Opt a long tail boat are the only mode of transportation to be able to reach this exquisite beach. Overnight stay are allowed but very limited.
if you have plan to visit Krabi in southern Thailand you should add Phi phi ley maya Bay island on your bucket list, this stunning beautiful island is family friendly beach, sheltered by 108 meters high stone cliff, an emerald crystalline water, abundant of marine fish best for snorkeling and swimming, kids will enjoy snorkeling in this national park in a shallow water with plenty of colourful marine fish. To be able to get there you should join island hopping tour or hiring speed boat, or long tail boat to take you to this beautiful island. early morning are the best time to start your island tour, so you will take advantage the pleasant ambience and peaceful environment before the crowd begin around noon. The picture above is low season, so we're lucky only few tourist and beach goers are visiting this island. 6 to 9 o’clock in the morning is high tide but 9:20 water started to recede 11 it’s a low tide up 3 o’clock, this beach is very crowded. tourist and speed boats is everywhere. But if you visit around 4:30 it’s a high tide again and most of the beach goers are already left, and return to their hotel. So you can enjoy the whole beach.
Maya Bay" Phi Phi Ley island one of the most visited islands in Krabi infacts its the prime attractions to visit Krabi Beaches. due to its uniquenes that sets in the national park, its a hidden beach inside that sorrounded by lush greenery and towering a limestone cliff. a combinations of blue sky, an Emerald water, white powdery sand, and Plethora of colourful marine fish. an exquisite seascape that produce marvelous Beaches and Islands in Southeast Asia. a place were many tourist want to keep visiting the island. you should add this on your island hoping tour in Krabi one of the best and most favorite visited islands, especially first time visitor in Thailand. if you're a type of adventure visitors plan to overnight stay in Maya bay island you can enquire at phi phi don travel and tour agent so they will arrange it for you and your group to go there as a package, they will provide tent and blankets food and drinks including beer, and toilet have no problem. But visitors will only accept average 15 to 25 people a maximum, very limited. The advantage in this island is to enjoy the beautiful quiescent scenery at night time and morning you and your group of friends will enjoy the whole island before crowds have begun.
  • Maya bay " phi phi ley island",
    The second largest group of island of phi phi Islands , the prime spot most famous attraction and visited island in Krabi Thailand. During 11 up to 3:00 o’clock a cynosure of sparkling emerald milky water, white powdery sand and towering karts can be very invigorating, but this are the most crowded time, specially the high season many beach goers are started to arrive with speed boat and long tail boat in group, so if your a peaceful type tourist you can visit some other beautiful beaches first, or snorkeling site in a large sheer cliff lagoon at the western end at phi phi ley, diving and snorkeling can be your memorable experience in this glorious beaches with plenty of fish and marine life. with an average depth of 15 meters and 25 meters maximum depth. The visibility range from 7 meters to 28 meters various species of sea anemones, and abundant of colorful marine life. Sizes of colorful wrasse, Moorish idol, and plenty of cattle fish are swimming some part of shallow water it has small pinnacles and submerge rock to explore. Starfish are everywhere and kids must be careful sea urchins are plenty. Krabi Beaches can be enjoyable for summer and holiday vacation for the whole family.
  • Bamboo Island, Another smaller island part of phi phi islands about 10 to 13 kilometers from phi phi don. This smaller circular island has amazing lovely beautiful fine white sandy beach, and crystalline water. this island is popular for island hoping tour, things to do in this stunning island is swimming, sun bathing and snorkeling, if you have plan to visit this island you must come early in the morning around 7 to 10 am less crowded and you will enjoy the beautiful peaceful scenery, this island is also popular for snorkeling one of the recommended island to add on your list. And pls avoid afternoon visit it will disappoint you there are many tourist specially the large group are started to arrive noon in this island.

Mosquito Island, koh Mai and Koh Pai, koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai, these islands are part of Phi phi islands but smaller, the main attractions of these islands is island hoping, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep water corals and rich marine life color full fish are abundant, mosquito island should not mess on your r list for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Phi Phi Don Island Krabi Thailand

Phi phi don island and Phi Phi Phi Ley, Phi Phi Don covers of 28 sq km a beautiful paradise Island, with dozens of stunning white powdery sand beaches. and a beautiful scenic view bay the only island where inhabited, more developed and it feature variety of accommodations such as budget to high end hotels and, resorts. restaurant and cafes, bars are widely available in this island while you can hire for the tour boat rental and other activities. Renowned for its beautiful beaches. The "long stretch curved bay beach the most beautiful beach in phi phi don.
Comely and spectacularly view of sea, mountain and the beach of Phi Phi don island consider one of the most beautiful islands, and beaches in the world. An idyllic place while enjoying a long walk through the shore was surrounded by immense limestone clip. And a breezy wind, March to early may are the hottest and humid month, you can skin tone yourself in the whole afternoon.
Phi Phi Don Island - more stablish and develop island The biggest island of phi phi islands, Phi Phi Don have dozen of stunning beautiful Beaches some are small and quite to vivacious long stretch kilometer beach to choose. this islands is inhabited infact it has plenty of Hotels and resort accommodation even Budget guesthouse, Bars and restaurant and mini store, street food to small shops, travel and tour agent are lining up next to Boat docking area, this idyllic island surrounded by limestone clip, Phi Phi Don Beach are the most visited Beach due to its natural beauty, the scenic view, emerald water, the white powdery sandy beaches, and the coral reef rich of marine life.
phi phi don consist of more than 12 beautiful stunning beaches, and the superb Hat Yao or "long beach", laem thong beach and many of them. Phi phi don is a family friendly Beach suitable for family and children to swim in the shallow water with plenty of marine fish are swimming next to you, Beach goers can feed the fish with their finger tips kids will adored it. Sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling are the most popular activity in this island.

What is the Best Month to visit Krabi Beach in Thailand?

  • The Best month for Diving, Snorkeling, and Island Hoping in Krabi Thailand is during month of November through April are the best month for your holiday vacation in Krabi good for Diving, snorkeling, island hoping and enjoying swimming in many different islands and beaches of your own choice. And these are the best time to explore the underwater world of Andaman Sea. Join speed boat tour or hiring long tail boat tour and explore the popular islands, and remote islands. there are several boat operator at phi phi don they offer various activities and island tour package including 4 islands to visit, life vest to all passengers, lunch and snacks, snorkeling gear, joining a group tour that charge you lower p/h while private boat tour charge you higher but more advantage the Average price per tour 1 people is 1,000 to 1,800 for adult and 500 to 600 for children, these are depends of the package island tour, some tour operator will charge 400 baht per person per adult, but these kind of Island hoping is a large group and a large boat. But they are the same 4 islands tour including the popular beach. At your hotel information desk can help you to arrange this. So before your journey begins, you can ask the recommendation island and the destination route, it might be the best to know, before buying the tour package before heading to the island hoping tour. The pickup time start 9 o’clock in the morning and 2 or 3 o’clock return including lunch and a refreshing drink. If you visit krabi you should add this to your bucket list so that you will enjoy some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in Thailand I highly recommended.

What is The best and Popular for Island Hoping Tour in Krabi Thailand?


Most of the Travel and tour they'll offer 4 islands to visit The most popular islands and best Beaches for Island Hoping, Swimming, snorkeling, and Diving in Krabi

Nopparat national park and the shark point marine sanctuary recommended place to visit this national park it’s a once in a life time experience to visit this national park, amazing sea escape, plenty of shallow coral gardens on the fringing reef, Koh Lanta Marine national Park consist of 15 island coast of krabi province.
  • Phi phi don, hin phae and hin dot Are the best site for swimming, snorkeling and diving destination, it has a variety kinds of reef crabs, Invertebrates abound in deeper section. abundant of oyster and clams clinging too.koh bida Nai and Koh bida Nok lies of phi phi island, you can observed some small marine creatures, such as parrot fish and squid. Phi phi don features beautiful long curved powdery white sand and emerald water and they have plenty of beaches to choose.

  • Koh phi phi ley An abundant of colorful fish and other marine life, you can feed them just point of your finger tips with bread the fish will come or even the bay near by Maya bay. the north of phi phi ley where the Viking cove was located, known for its swift nest are lying on the top of rock formation, while local people collect it the nest soup "Chinese delicacy" and nearby neighboring island is one of the best to experience, coves and under water stone. Maya Bay and the lagoon the most famous island in krabi were the beach was film.

  • Hin Daeng and Hin Moung Are the best diving spot recommended place it attracts enormous number of pelagic, yellow tail barracuda enormous shark whale and, various Marine life.
  • Koh Podah nok  and Bamboo Island,  These two islands are one of the popular lists for island hoping tour, with amazing shallow crystalline water, and pristine powdery so white sand beach, these islands is abundant of marine life. Swimming, Snorkeling and diving are the most common activities to enjoy. One of the most beautiful Islands in Krabi, Best recommended for Island Hoping tour best lovely beach.
  • Koh phai, koh yung” mosquito Island” and Hindot Island, This is one of the best diving sites in Krabi, one of the favorite site lists among average divers. It has various colorful rich in marine life, amazing under water sea escape and the scenery. There are several reef inhabitants, such as Moorish idols, eels, soft and hard corals, and it has large rays, leopard sharks, barracuda, and snappers. And more.
  • Koh Hong Island or “the room” This island is one of the most beautiful island in Krabi. one of my favorite secret hidden beach, this lovely Island surrounded by pristine lagoon beach, emerald water so crystal clear water one of my favorite list in my island hoping tour, it has plenty of colorful marine fish swimming in the water, the beach sets in the middle of rock formation surrounded by emerald water, this island is family friendly beach specially for children, kids will definitely enjoy feeding the fish in a shallow emerald water.
  • Pranang cave, This is famous for its picturesque limestone cliff, emerald water and beautiful beaches. Railay west and phranang beach are one of Southeast Asia best beaches.
    Chicken Island, KO tup, KO si, KO yawa sam, Monkey Beach another interesting island recommended to visit.

Where is the Best Rock climbing in southeast asia?

Railey in Krabi, known as Asia’s finest best Rock climbing destination, railay peninsula heaven among rock climbers enthusiast consider one of the top rock climbing destination in the world, it takes about an hour to travel by long tail boat from phi Phi Island. if you love rock climbing and base jumping at Tonsai Bay and Railey is the right place for you looking for new adventure, and exiting activities if you're healthy enough as energetic tourist, and you will be able to meet a new friends with experience rock climbers from different nationality, Base jumping is another interesting activities in Railey and Tonsai Bay, tonsai bay have stunning limestone steep clip on top a rock formation with crusted sharp stone and a bit slippery to climb up, a huge rock formation with a pinnacles and sheer cliffs surrounded by stretch sandy beaches, and emerald crystalline water, amazing sea escape and limestone landscape underwater stone Tonsai bay is popular place for rock climbing enthusiasts and base jumping among visitors around the world, right beside it has a popular carlitos bar while visitor can enjoy refreshing and relaxing, the beach has a long stretch golden sand and beautiful view. Plenty of accommodation offered in the island.
Railay and Ao Nang the also most popular places to visit krabi. The beautiful beaches, the limestone cliff the lagoon, the scenery the emerald water perfect places for tropical beach paradise. Krabi surrounded by many islets and limestone steep clip rock formation. Some of the beautiful islands have a secret lagoon hiding but requires climbing on the Rock Hill Mountain. Some interesting caves, waterfall, hot spring, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, diving, snorkeling and the popular island hoping. Surfing and sailing are available at Ao ton sai visiting krabi 2 or 3 days are not enough if you want to explore the national park.
Getting to Tonsai bay by boat from krabi 250 baht fee leaves at 10:30 - 13:00
Tonsai bay - by boat to krabi 1 hr and 20 min cost you 250 baht
-Phuket 9:00-14:30. 2 hrs - 300 baht
-Ao Nang/ Railey during oct-April 300 baht-15:30 1 hr
List of Tonsai Bay Dive Operators we recently book our last visit this friendly diving operator.
Barracuda diving center at tonsai bay one of the popular diving operator in this island you can search the web: some popular i know is phi phi scuba diving center info: tel (075)612665 phi Aquanauts diving center: tel (01)2294707 and there's plenty around the island.

Getting a Boat from Ao Nang to other islands? here are the Boat Schedule:

Ao nang princess is a ferry boat that operates from, krabi, phuket

Ao nang princess daily ferry boat schedule in Krabi Thailand

from Ao Nang to Phi Phi Island: 09:30 am - 11:30 am from nang pier the fare is 350 to 450 baht p/person.
from Ao NAng to Phuket: 15:00 am 17:30 pm at nang pier the fare cost 500 to 700 baht p/person
from Ao Nang Krabi: 10:30 am - 12:45 pm at nang pier the fare is 400 to 550 baht per adult.
from Phuket to Krabi: 8:30 am - 12:45 pm rassada pier the fare is 650 to 900 baht per adult.
from Phuket to Phi Phi Island: 8:30 am - 10:00 am rassada pier fare 500 to 700 baht. Per adult
from Phuket to Railay: 8:30 am - 10:45 am at rassada pier fare 500 to 700 baht per adult.
  • by ferry Boat koh Phi Phi Island it take 2 hours trip by boat from krabi town pier Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara Pier, and Railay.
Ferry Boat Schedule Getting from Phi Phi to Ao Railay : 15:30 pm - 16:45 pm tonsai pier fare 350 to 450 per passenger. koh phi phi to krabi: 15:30 pm - 17:00 pm tonsai bay pier fare 350 to 450 per passenger. Koh lanta to Krabi: 13:30 pm - 15:30 pm 450 to 550 baht p/person.

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