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Tips. For first timer Avoid small alleys, it can be confusing which way you're going to exit. Pratunam market is a large area, it’s better to walk in the main area. Or get inside the pratunam plaza building. Comfortable shoes are advisable to wear, toilet available at the old baiyoke building and pratunam plaza building. And be careful your personal belonging. And negotiate the bargain price further.
Air-condition retail store at pratunam you can buy children clothing, maternity dress to costume dress at the old pratunam building, baiyoke 1 , 2 and pratunam plaza building in front of platinum fashion mall.
Pratunam wholesale Market
(Pratu meaning door or Gate and Nam “Water’’ means water gate
Thailand biggest wholesale and retail clothing market. Divided into two category from air-condition retail and wholesale shops to open air stall. Offer very affordable prices for all kinds of wholesale clothing products. This market has it all from men, women, babies clothing to maternity dress, fabrics to costume dress. Accessories and bags belts, fabrics, textiles, shoes bed sheets you name it. The more you buy the less you pay, that’s the rules in this market.
Pratunam is located at intersection of ratchaprarop and petchaburi road district of ratchathewi.
Directly at the ground of amari Watergate hotel stretching all the way around the street surround baiyoke hotel 1 and 2 and Indra regent hotel.
Pratunam market
Start open 10: am to 6: pm but for night market remains open until midnight but only few selected interesting product can be found.
Rules in the market: try on or fitting are not allowed, so make it sure buying clothes it fit for you, they will never accept return merchandise. No exchange no refund. So if you buy clothes better to buy wholesale price let say 3 piece shirts cost you 500 baht, but if you buy only 1 pc it will charge you 250 baht a shirts. So negotiate the price further, buy more pay less. So keep your time walk around the small alley or enjoying air-condition stall, and keep your handbag safely.
the shops above is aircondition stall at pratunam they have several varieties of interesting clothes belts, and mens and womens clothes this building has connected walk ways at 3 floor going to platinum wholesale shopping center.just cross the overpass.
where to eat at pratunam
At the sidewalk eatery located at the rear side of Indra square bldg. they have small dishes will offer but not much. My recommendation its better you headed to platinum fashion mall they have large fast food selection varieties of dishes and very affordable prices. Average 35 baht per dish at the 6 floor how to go. If you're from pratunam you can see platinum building fashion mall you cross the over pass connected going to fashion mall building at 3 floors then go to 6 floors. The fast food never accept cash you must buy coupon at the cashier. Then refund your coupon later. And you can park your car at 7 to 9 floor.
How to go to Pratunam Market:
Water taxi boat: provide inexpensive, fastest, affordable public transportation convenient form of transportation as opposed to the congested road in inner Bangkok. The taxi boat offers to all commuters those who are avoiding traffic and fastest across sae seab canal, the water taxi boat feature 18 kilometers long stretch canal and most of the pier are located to the popular tourist attraction. The fare start 10 baht up depends on your location. The water taxi operation start at 5:30 am to 8:30 pm. Everyday so take a look the map location below the area of sukhumvit jetty pier
from asoke pier to nana kluea pier on how to go in this area by motor bike access road along every soi sukhumvit 3 to 19.The light blue color mark appears a motor cycle taxi available in this soi. you can hire going to nana klua pier and it cost you 15 baht ride. other option MRT train drop off asoke under the bridge only 30 meters distance. Or take airport train link from petchaburi going to Ratchaparok train station at the ground floor about 100 meters walk going to Pratunam.
water boat taxi going to platinum shopping center and Pratunam wholesale market map

from sukhumvit soi 3 to 21 let’s say your location from petchaburi MRT train station " asoke pier station" underpass from asoke road. another conevenient option outside terminal 21 by "motor sai" motor bike going to this jetty pier station "nana Klua pier" from the pier going to pratunam pier only 10 minutes ride. Water boat taxi is the fastest and cheapest transportation going to pratunam and platinum plaza.

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Let say if your location somewhere at asoke terminal 21 shopping center. At the ground floor you can see lots of people queuing to motor cycle at soi sukhumvit 19. that motor bike taxi lanes will bring you anywhere in this area of soi sukhumvit, ride a motor bike and tell him you’re going to Nana Kuea pier at sukhumvit soi 15 at the end road next to NIST International school you can tell in Thai words (“paai suk-humvit soi sip haa” troong phai khaa. It means just go straight to the end road and you can see the pier.

From nana Klua pier going to pratunam, so be careful if you’re confused which direction pier you're going, watch the map location at the pier sign map beside in the commuters flat form. At pratunam pier interchange get off. That’s the last destination under the bridge. Of ratchathewi district. This area has a 3 way to go to the popular area, central world shopping mall, platinum wholesale fashion mall and Pratunam wholesale market. If you heading to pratunam it takes only 300 meters walk.