Khao Kheow Open Zoo:Tourist Attractions Near Pattaya

Location: Khao kheow zoo located at 235 moo7 Tambon Bangpra Ampur Sriracha, Chonburi about 20 kilometers from Sriracha down town. Or Just 30 min. drive by car from Pattaya, or 1 and 45 min drive from Bangkok
Khao Kheow Open: 1978
Land Area: 2000 Acres
Number of Animals: more Than 8000 animal’s species
Annual visitors: More than Hundred Thousands yearly.
Open: Daily Monday- Sunday from 9:00am - 5:00 pm
Admission Fee: adult 100 Baht children 50 baht and car can bring inside car 50 baht fee.


Khao Kheow Open Zoo Pattaya Tourist Attractions

Khao kheow open zoo, animal and wild life conservation center located at khao Kheow national park and khao chumpho in chonburi Thailand. popular attractions near in Pattaya and Sriracha in chonburi, if you visit pattaya city you should add this on your list, because this open zoo is one of the popular and tourist attractions and not commercialized. It’s a public Zoo. Khao Kheow Open zoo is only 30 minutes drive from chonburi highway. and 45minutes from Bangkok And it’s worth to visit for the family and all ages. This 50 yrs old Khao kheow open Zoo comprises of 2,000 acres of land the biggest and largest zoo in Thailand its splendor to enjoy this open zoo houses more than 8000 animal’s species, and they have large collections of cat species. hundreds of animals lives in different divided theme zones beautifully landscape of glade enclosure cages that sets in the pleasant khao kheow foot hills mountain, the serenity of this greenery mountain is overwhelming, were large deciduous trees are helping to provide a celestial natural setting and shade to many different animals. Live in natural environment in national park. Khao Kheow Mountain is dominating features of the area rugged mountain terrain to rolling hillside idyllic surrounding environment are mix with dry evergreen forest and wet land.

Animal Feeding are the best Things To do at Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi Thailand. children will enjoy animal feeding in a very close proximity.

Khao kheow open zoo was established in 1974 started with small land area of 200 acres at the foot hill mountain of khao yai national park, due to the living condition of other animals in smaller zoo, khao kheow open zoo design to relocate other types of different animals in overcrowded Dusit Zoo” the first zoo in Thailand due to rapid increase of animal population,” and other smaller zoo were animals living in poor condition, since many animals are started and begun to moving in khao kheow mountain, were many animals living in a good environment that closer to nature and their habitat. In 1978 the zoo was open for public, but in 1984 the zoo organization permitted to extend the land area of the zoo of about 1000 acres about five times than the original size. The purposed of extension is to design for wild life conservation area, and help to fight for wild life extinction were many injured animals have place for them in this mountain. Since khao kheow zoo was expanding larger. the Thai government have made a decision to increase another 800 acres of land that the development of khao kheow zoo project it to benefit to society, not just only a zoo, but to educate, study, researched and provide technical educational support and create friendly environment for the future young generation and to show how important the conservation natural environment was. Thanks to the RH Princess Sirindhorn deeply supported this Project to save many injured and wild animals. Now khao kheow open zoo has a total of 2000 acres of land area and the largest open zoo in Thailand. This zoo is open every day. The zoo also accepting an adoption program for animals that allow individual and corporation to sponsor a particular species for fix annual some. Other visitors have become adoptive parents of animals ranging from tigers to giraffe as part of the plans parenthood. “program" for children and adult. So if you have enough to help and provide for those animals in need you can join the animal adoption program. or volunteer.

Zoo visitors will enjoy the pleasant ambience of natural scenery of the mountain while zoned out gazing and ambling the Large deciduous trees and tropical greenery landscape. Many people resented traveling more than 45 minutes drive from Bangkok. Or just 30 minutes from pattaya the zoo nevertheless manages to attract thousand or even millions of visitors a year. Khao Kheow zoo features a large area. Volunteer can support the animals in the zoo. As wildlife conservation and education center promoting respect for animal and environment. Many bangkokian weekend visitors given the influx enjoy their free time, fresh air and pleasant environment. After visiting chonburi and spend a few hours in the zoo with family.
Zoo visitors can drive their car in driveway that can leisurely see exhibit area, or rent a small golf cart or join mono rail ride with tour guide and drives around, the zoo has plenty of car parking inside, or outside visitors can walk or stroll around and admire the fabulous surrounding Mountain View. One of the attractions in the zoo is the African savanna, and Asiatic zone, where reticulated giraffe, ostrich, zebra and large elephant live in comfortable cage.
Interesting and things to do:
khao kheow open zoo have many interesting things and activities to do, such as animal feeding, watching animal shows, or just driving in pleasurable exhibit zone with your vehicle. it’s a weekenders popular destination for family and all ages to enjoy while relaxing in a good environment that close to nature, as well as children have chance to learn educational and educate themselves about animals and their origin, geographical location, back ground, life expectancy and animal food diet. Each animal cages provided by small details of their history, origin, life expectancy, and food diet. Visitor will allow placing a diet food on the feeding exhibit area in a close proximity cage. But only limited kinds of their diet food, such as long bean, sugar cane, banana, and corn. The rest are prohibited.
Khao Kheow Zafari Night, visitors will leisurely enjoy evening tour and see some moated enclosures, and open cages, futures another interesting view is the nocturnal species c
an be seen during night time.
Khao Kheow Open Zoo Activities and attractions

Khao kheow zoo offer many interesting activities for the whole family and all ages to enjoy, and its economical, ecologically and pleasurable to relax in blissfully rich tropical lush forested mountain. children and all ages have an oppurtunity to feed animals in closed proximity in exhibit area such as, seal feeding, sheep farm feeding, hippo feeding, asiatic zone feeding, savanahh zone feeding one of the highlight, birds feeding, leads deer feeding and animals shows.

This new sheep farm in Khao Khaew Zoo is another interesting attraction must see a good place for small children. you can ascend through the hill side after the elephant cage Asiatic zone, to the west side lies a sheep farm pointing to the hillside and lake you can drive a few meters away you will see some fancy colourful figures around, that provide a certain appeal across the side way road and the hill side view where sheep farm located. It requires steepness walking down a few meters, sheep farm and Birds in the lake are sharing the same location.


Sheep farm is another new attraction and things to do in khao kheow. Mostly weekend visitors spend their time. Many children and family splendored to enjoy the gazing greenery landscape and visiting this area they enjoy sheep feeding there's no entrance fee but you can only buy 1 bundle of grass for sheep food that cost 20 baht. It pleasurable experience for family children will enjoy it. But be careful your children some sheep are aggressive. So parents keep an eye your little one.
Reptile garden is home to about hundreds of Reptile Species, the reptiles are display in an aesthetically pleasing; beautifully landscapes setting that allow visitors to view the animals in close proximity. The exhibit comprises many different species of tropical snakes from all over the world, as monitor lizard, iguana and many more. This exhibit area near to children’s playground. One of the interesting zones. Its educational will learn many interesting small animals’ lives in the wet land.

these giraffe have more than 5 meters tall, they like to shade on acacia trees and one of their favorite diet food in fact they have good sense of hearing and excellent eye sight and this animal can consume more than 70 kg of diet food such as leaves and fruits every day. And this animal can run as fast as 60 km per hour. African savannah exhibit area has more than 5 adult and it has 1 new born that sizes about 2 meters tall.

African savannah exhibit features sit in the middle of more than 10 acres of woodland and grassland were temperature and humidity have no big issue large animals such as giraffe, ostrich, zebra, rhinos living in good conditions; these animals have plenty enough space to enjoy their function and activities area. African savannah is one of the highlight must see in khao kheow zoo. this large safari exhibit have multi species houses giraffe, ostrich, rhinos, zebra and other animals, but giraffe are the most attraction because of its friendly nature, there are about nine types of sub species of giraffe but you can distinguish from each other by their pattern and geographical location. Visitors can pleasurable walk closer in proximity feed long bean for diet food you can buy this diet food next to exhibit area.

Flight Cage.
Walk through flight cage the cage was a large shape dome naturalistic setting the birds can flying freely the large cage dome houses different bird species. Visitors thronged through an arched mesh tunnel and nature trails while can observed and see all types of different bird species and the animals behaviors. there' a talking bird next to entry can feed them with small seeds available beside of exit area.
Asiatic elephant zone feature more than 10 acres surrounded by tropical greenery gardens and large trees and motes, there are more than 5 adult elephants and 1 new baby elephant also white buffalo one of the interesting must see offered elephant ride, feeding and there’s a few minutes elephant skills demonstration and talent show every day.


Pygmy hippos - that allow visitors to view the animals, from the very unusual perspective, overlooking view enclosures, while visitors allows them to feed with its large mouth sort body and stocky legs, the pinkish substance allows them to remain in the water or dry land for a long period.
Primate kingdom where troops of monkeys roam freely in the large size open cage island resemble of the rainforest where moats surrounded by water add with the naturalistic setting one of the attraction in the zoo.
How to go:
Khao kheow can be access through pattaya chonburi highway Turn left at bang phra you will see the sign on board khao kheow open zoo follow the direction. Most of the zoo visitors bring their own vehicle, and the open zoo will allow visitors to drive through inside. If you have planned to visit this zoo, and have problem with transportations you can hire a songtaew bus at sriracha town for 3 or 4 hours. Or in pattaya area before jumping in you need to negotiate the fare first. Khao kheow zoo have no public bus transportation route for visitors.
Khao Kheow zoo Admission fee is 100 for adult and 50 baht for kids for foreigners and car is 50 baht. open everyday from monday-sunday open start 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
What is the best time to visit this zoo October through early February. Cool weather and the driest month of March through April are the most humid weather that makes you uncomfortable. Many of these animals are hidden under the big trees to keep them a shade.

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