Thailand open Zoo: travel and tour

Pygmy hippos -allow visitors to view the animals, from the very unusual perspective, overlooking view enclosures, while visitors allows them to feed with its large mouth sort body and stocky legs ,the pinkish substance allows them to remain in the water or dry land for a long period.


asiatic elephant zone

An open cage for the elephant and white buffalo one of the interesting must see offered elephant ride, feeding and they have 10 minutes elephant skills demonstration every day.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

The zoo also has an adoption program for animal that allow individual and corporation to sponsor a particular species for fix annual some.
Other visitors have become adoptive parents of animals ranging from tigers to giraffe as part of the plans parenthood. " program" for children and adult.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Khao kheow open zoo, animal and wild life conservation located at national park at khao kheow and khao chumpho in chonburi Thailand the area has 2,000 acres considered the largest zoo area in the world. The zoo has wide of variety of species live at the good environment of khao Kheow Mountain. And houses of thousand of animals in different divided zones beautifully landscape enclosure / open cages many people resented traveling more than 45 minutes drive from Bangkok. Or just 30 minutes from pattaya the zoo nevertheless manages to attract thousand or even millions of visitors a year. Khao Kheow zoo features a large area, and promotes and provides technical educational support and create friendly environment for the future young generation. While volunteer supporting the animal in the zoo. As well as an education building informational, literatures, an even an animal shows the general evolution of the zoo has included a move away, from being menageries and entertainment facilities in which the cost to the captive animals are high towards the concept of the zoo. As wildlife conservation and education center promoting respect for animal and environment.

Khao kheow zoo located at 235 moo7, tumbum Bangpra, Ampur sriracha, and chonburi about 25 kilometers from sriracha down town. Just 30 min drive from Pataya, or 1 and 45 min drive from Bangkok.


Zoo visitors can take car in or rent a small cart or join mono rail ride with tour guide and drives around, the zoo has plenty of car parking inside,or outside visitors can walk or stroll around and admire the fabulous sorrounding mountain view. one of the attraction in the zoo is the African savanna where reticulated giraffe,ostrich,and zebra has a very comfortable big open cage.khao khew zoo has an open moated enclosures, and open cages, and futures another interesting view is the nocturnal species can be seen during night time.

Walk through flight cage the cage was a large shape dome naturalistic setting the birds can flying freely inside. visitors thronged through an arched mesh tunnel and nature trails while can observed and see all types of different bird species animals bahavior and habitat.

Primate kingdom where troops of monkeys roam freely in the large size open cage island resemble of the rainforest where moats surrounded by water add with the naturalistic setting one of the attraction in the zoo.

The open zoo offer more interesting about the wild life and conservation as well as adoption program. the open zoo suits for all ages specially kids, can learn many things about animal’s lifespectancy, habitat, their diet food behavior and their ability. one of the highlight is the African Savanna Zone, Asiatic elephant Zone, elephant and birds shows, seal feeding, animal feeding, walk to the aviary, Carnivore, exhibition zone, the natural trail, leads deer kids can keep closer to the animal and feed with diet healthy vagetables.the Open zoo Open every day for more information call tel (66)0-3831-8444 or ext 212.

Reptile garden Home to about hundreds of Reptile Species, the reptiles are display in an aesthetically pleasing; beautifully landscapes setting that allow visitors to view the animals in close proximity. The exhibit comprises many different species of tropical snakes from all over the world. As will as monitor lizard, iguana and many more.