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An Alluring perspective of Wat Arun Temple of Dawn Bangkok Thailand

Wat Arun "The Temple of Dawn" – one of Bangkok Famous Attractions, Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchaworaviharn or Wat Arun is a sacred and first class Royal Temple in Thailand predating the chakri dynasty, one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Bangkok.

This Temple seats attractions by night across chao phraya river were tourist admired the beauty of this glaring golden pagoda by night, Wat Arun situated on the west of Thonburi bank of Chao Phraya River,and it has an Area of 27 rai and approximately 33 rai or 13.2 acres. An it’s surrounding Area. 67 meters phrang spire Khmer style chedi (Pagoda) has 234 meter diameter base was the highest Prang in Thailand and the land mark of Bangkok must visit.

Wat Arun is only few minutes ride by taxi boat across chao phraya River at tha tien pier, this place is highly recomemded to visit not only this Temple but nearby Famous Tourist Attractions must see such as The Emerald Buddha, Grand Palace, and The Reclining Buddha " Wat Pho" are link to another pier, just take the chao Phraya Boat Express for convenience and less Traffic.



The exactly evidence of Wat Arun Temple built is unknown, according to the map of thon buri. In 1767 after Ayutthaya was ransack by Burmese troops and ruin Ayutthaya the prosperous city of Ayutthaya is over occupied by Burmese army, when General Thaksin heading to Thunburi together with his troops they arrive at Wat Arun (originally Wat Makok Temple) in The early dawn, then he later renovate the temple and rename it Wat Chaeng The Temple of Dawn. he choice thonburi for the new capital city instead of Ayutthaya was being destroyed and occupied by Burmese.

Thonburi was establish by self proclaim king Taksin to become the new kingdom of thonburi capital city in 1769.King Reign Rama I ( of chakri dynasty ( the wat Makok temple was change under King Rama I Chakri dynasty was change its name to Wat Jaeng as the royal Temple of Dawn, the successor king rama2 renamed it wat Arun Rajtharam and renovate it the temple from originated 16 meters central spires to increase higher but he died. The successor king Rama 3 raised and completed the project to 67 meters.

Dazzling Colossal colorful Phrang spire Khmer style chedi (Pagoda) has 234 meter diameter base the Tallest Prang in Thailand, an exquisite Attractions at Chao Phraya River during Night time. visitors can climb some part of this 68 meters steep steps khmer style prang 'towers''

What to do in wat Arun Temple?

there are many interesting thing to do in Wat Arun if you love photography and history this place is the right place for you to visit. one of interesting in wat arun to see is to climb on each level up to on top of Phra Prang and take pictures some of the rarest Buddha and relegious image dating back from king Rama 1.

Phra Prang symbolized of Hindu Buddhist cosmology, the Khmer style prang the most distinguish phra prang in Thailand, and the most picturesque temple. phra prang foundation are made of stone with four level. each level has magnificent delicate decoration decorated with brightly colour Chinese porcelain and houses various types of important small figures such as airavata elephants, kinnaree, kinnorn , brahmas Bak the trinity of god, or the statues of vayu pra pai the god of wind the mythological creatures half bird half human, comprises of 3 element. And some interesting various figures.

some visitors climbing up on top and take photos of impressive earial view of chao phraya river, so dont forget to take photos on top it has an aerial beautiful view of chao phraya river, and wat pho reclining buddha.

This 67 meters Phra Prang unique Khmer style has 8 different entrances made of stone stairs visitors can climb up to other levels, and take photos some of unique architectural elements and important relegious figures, dating from hundreds of years.

inside has a small various coves with the background of several mystical guardian figures an image of kinaree and Kinnorn figures, the mythological creatures, each level has a different exterior figures decoration and the highest point of central prang is Yod Noppasson a beautifully decorated by 1.20 meters height and a weight of 185 kilograms and 52 centimeter diameters of golden crown or mongkut at the highest peak.




The Ordination hall or Pra Ubosoth, the structure located in the north of Wat Arun, beautifully decorated elegant double tiers roof with traditional naga thatch. Exterior wall and pillars beautifully touch with Chinese floral Pattern and the wall illustrated back ground of the mural, the last ten incarnation of Lord Buddha.

The building built by Reign king Rama II Houses the Buddha Image of Han Phraputtanarumit is enshrined, Phraputtanarumit are a royal Buddha image of King Rama II and also contain the ashes cremation from the king Rama II. The passage guarded by two demons the mystical Giant yakshis the guardian figure about 6 meter height made of stucco they call it SAHASSATEJA the white figures and TASAKANTHA in Ramayana the green figures.

The Chapel of Phra Viharn Built with the command of King Ram I it was located in between the Buddha Foot Print Niche and the monk residence, the chapel houses the famous Buddha Image Wat Arun, the interior walls have various decorations and the mural painting.

The Peripheral Balcony or Phra Viharn Kot The Ordination hall surrounded by Peripheral open space Balcony with a tiered tire roof naga thatch various figures surrounded with different character statues image , there are 120 Buddha image inside the peripheral Balcony. Together with 144 lion Chinese rockeries 112 Chinese soldiers rockeries and the 16 Chinese noble men around ordination hall and the beautiful crafted Chinese marble pagoda.

what to see in Wat Arun Temple? there are Architectural structures of 16 interesting Building must see in wat Arun.

Satellite Prang or Prang The 4 structures both are the same characteristics, shapes, and it has a various types of small figures the external and interior decoration, with unique feutures, such as the 27 demon and monkey deities (Marn Bak and Krabi Bak) the niche of each satellite (prang) are statues of Vayu or Pra Pai, the god of wind on horseback, Phra Pai is decibels under Indra King of God.Wat Arum is a sacred temple in Thailand and one of the 9 sacred temple in Bangkok, during the 3 important Buddhist Day in Thailand various activities are held these religious day the temple provided the royal Kathin ceremony to pursue and carry on the importance of Thai Tradition. The ceremony features the Royal barge Procession performed several time at Rattanakosin.




Getting to Wat Arun ?

There are many ways to go to wat arun by private car, MRT or Bts train, public bus and express tourist boat or a water boat taxi.

Location Map:


BTS Train - from your location takes bts sky train going to saphantaksin station drop off there, then a few minute walk you can see sathorn pier (central pier) By Boat at Chao Phraya River chao praya express boat, every 30 minutes leave. One way ride is 25 baht per trip. Take the boat going to tha tien pier or pier 8 then change another ferry boat to cross the pier from tha tien to wat arun an it takes 4-6 minutes ride, the fare is 3 baht..At Tha Tien Pier Area has much tourist attraction to visit such as Grand Palace, temple of Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho the reclining buddha.national museum or along the ratanakosin Area. The Grand Palace is only 9 minutes walk. Reminder Grand Palace is always open every day so don’t believed other people if they will approach you or in your group to bring you somewhere by tuk tuk driver so be careful.

Other option - take taxi I think the most convenient if group can share the fare, let say if your location from victory monument, at the ground of victory monument bts train station. Tell the cab driver you’re going to Tha Tien Pier. The fare start 80 to 120 baht depends on the traffic jam.

Klong Canal Water Taxi Boat - the most cheapest and fastest, along klong saen saep canal the 18 kilometer route 20 mtr wide with 28 jetty piers on the designated water canal runs start from Bangkapi (Bangkapi mall) Pratunam pier station interchange going to Klong Mahanak Pier (or Banglamphu pier) the last pier at ratchadamnoen Avenue near the Golden Mount wat Saket.

These area can be found the best tourist attractions in Bangkok. the taxi boat run start at Bangkapi pier near bangkapi mall, charn issara pier, prom phak station, near atrium hotel petchaburi wat mai chonglok pier at new petchaburi road, PRASARN MIRT Pier , nearby (srinakharinwot university and the Thursday market) saphan Asoke pier nearby( MRT station Petchaburi or sukhumvit soi 21 ) NANA KLUA PIER nearby NIST international school sukhumvit soi 15 close to terminal 21 shopping center( Nana Nua Pier - near Bamrungrad hospital and Nana soi 1and 11, going to (Pratunam Pier) nearby Pratunam and platinum wholesale clothing shopping center. the interchange station going to Klong mahanak the last pier.


Wat Arun Temple Dress Code: for female should wear proper clothes cover up legs knee length, and shoulder some local devotees, lay people and myriad followers they'll come early morning and prepared to wear long pants.  Thai Temple prohibited daring clothes to wear such as  sleeveless shirt, short, shirts, no skirt, sandals, sleepers, no bare foot, take off your shoes upon entering inside the temple.

Wat Arun Temple Entrance Fee: entrance fee or admission fee cost 50 baths per person for temple maintenance.Location: Address

Wat Arun Temple Opening and Closing Hours: daily open from Monday thru Sunday 8:30 am -5:30 pm the best time to visit is morning before noon and visitors are enable enough time to see all famous attractions nearby area at Tha tien pier such as wat pho reclining Buddha is only 4 minutes walk, grand palace and temple of emerald Buddha about 9 minutes walk. the national Museum 12 minutes walk. this Area is very worth to visit time consuming less traffic jam, and cheap mode of transportation.

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