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Wat Pho The Reclining Buddha "wat Pho" (wat phra chetupphon wimon mangklahram ratchawora mahawihan or Phra Non a gold plated Buddha statues 46 meter long and 15 meters high. the image of reclining Buddha or the Nirvana Buddha, it is also known as the Guardian Buddha of those Born on Tuesday.

Wat Pho Biggest Reclining Buddha in Bangkok Thailand

Wat phra chettuphon wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan (former name wat pho)

Known as Temple of The Reclining Buddha .it was name after the monastery in India, when Buddha believed have lived.

king chesda third of the chakri dynasty, was king of Siam from 1824 to 1851 the king modernized the kingdom, he devote himself of primarily in arts and faithful followers of Buddhism, he build and repaired 50 temples including the famous wat phra kaew, wat arun, watsaket temples around Ratchadamoen Avenue. and the King is responsible for the building of the Reclining Buddha the most popular temple in Bangkok the Biggest and the Oldest

"Wat Pho The Reclining Buddha" houses Gigantic Reclining Buddha or Nirvana Buddha image, about 160 feet long and 43 feet high, The figures made of cement and bricks and entirely covered in gold leaf. Built around 200 years a two century, before Bangkok was establishes, and become the capital City of Thailand. Wat pho known as the birth place of traditional Thai massage.

Wat Pho Temple of Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Located next to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew,  the Temple covers an area around 20 acres, a total of 80,000 sq meters a home to an exquisite thousand Encompassed Lord Buddha image, some notable Buddhist morals, were Pran Buddha deva Patimakarn are the principal Buddha image seated in a gesture position are the Main Center for Praying, The temple ground feature various Temple Elements such as halls, Bot or Ubosot " Ordination Hall" Wihan, or Wihara house an important Buddha image, where laity and buddhism followers come to pay respect.


The chedis, Hot Trai" Buddhist temple" Sala Kan Parian" open pavilion, bell Tower, Sanghawat Monk monasteries ' Kuti" Phra Mandop" library stored religious script" Buddha statues,, Myriad of 390 sitting Lord Buddha’s Image, with different positions and posture, in fact Wat Pho The Reclining Buddha is largest "wat" Temple in Bangkok and the oldest.

The Temple of Reclining Buddha not just comely Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bangkok that conflate the Beauty, Rich History of Architectural Elements, but it is the Cynosure a Focal point of Admiration and Preservation of Thai Historical Sites. And stored abundant of major source of knowledge of all people such as art, sciences, literature, Archeology, Poetry, and Traditional Medicine as wat pho is the birth place of Thai Traditional Massage and Wat Pho Registered as the Memory of the World by UNISCO.

Wat Pho Temple Compound exuberant of Amazing 91 chedis with various figures, stupas or mounds, four viharas (hall) and abot (central shrine) there is a smaller chedis on the ground that containing the ashes from the royal family, there are 21 large chedis contain the ashes of lord Buddha.

The four chedi's are dedicated to four Chakri king. And the complex has two divided area facing soi chetuporn east and west. The north where the Reclining Buddha and massage school was located. At the south the monks residence and Buddhist monastery building.

 Wat Pho the Largest Stupas or Prang in Thailand

Becoming Phra Maha Chedi Si Ratchakan known as Stupa or Pagoda has Unique Pointed Lissome Architectural elements a Phra Prang spires Curved on top. This Symbol is only few Decorated to the most important religious Site in Theravada Buddhist Temple in Thailand.

Wat Pho Reclining Buddha and The Stupas

The Compound houses different sizes of Stupas each stupa has symbolic image and meaning, from square stupas represent earth, cone shape stupas represent a fire to the volume stupas that are found in grand palace is represent space. These stupas are important in Buddhism Elements and used to stored relics and important religious objects.

Wat Pho Temple Ground have 4 large chedis and 20 medium size chedis some containing the relics of lord Buddha, and 91 small chedis or stupa Some containing the ashes of the royal family.

the Picture above Phra Maha Chedi Si Ratchakan the Largest Chedi or Stupas measuring more than 40 meters high and Elegant spiral Phra Prang on top. And Various Medium Sizes of stupas are scattered on the Temple Compound.

Wat Pho Compound houses many decorative important figures of Chinese Statues made of solid stone such as the Moral on decorative wall, thousands of important Lord Buddha image, mythological creatures, and Guardian statues of Reclining Buddha Wat Pho.

Guardian statues of wat pho temple (reclining Buddha)

Wat Pho the Reclining Buddha temple compound has a 16 gates or doors that guarded by Chinese guardian statues, and Mythological creatures, and houses of hundreds or thousands of Buddha image. Some Sculpture embodies of Buddhist Mythology guardian figures, chins figures statues on the ground.

Ancient Murals, Sculptures, and some important Religious sculpture such as lion, Yakshis, Garuda and Naga. One of the attractions of wat pho is Thai traditional medicine and massage. It is the birth place of Thai traditional massage.

Wat Pho Entrance fee is 100 Baht per visitors

Wat Pho open Time start from 8:00 to 17:00 pm

Wat Pho Dress Code:

What to wear visiting Temple? Wat Pho Reclining Buddha, Grand Palace, and Emerald Buddha Temple, Reminder visiting a Temple should wear proper clothing, avoid wearing revealing clothes such as sleeveless, Sando, mini skirt, shorts, sleepers, spaghetti types clothing, Before Foreign visitors entering these important Religious site in Thailand.

Visitors are not allowed to enter if they never follow the dress code, but beside the Door they have small office providing long Sarong" a length of fabric or hip wraps, that wrapped around the waist line, it is usually often available to provide temple visitors by men and women tourist wearing shorts and sleeveless before entering the temple, because even the local devotees and Buddhist followers they're wearing proper clothes mostly often wearing jeans and t-shirts, and long dress before entering these important religious site.

Wat Pho Thai Massage Fee?

Wat Pho Massage Fee is more expensive than those offer in the popular massage shops in shopping mall or road side.

The massage offer in wat pho are the best to experience more Traditional that can offer to those who are looking for real Traditional Thai Massage and its uncomparable to those offer out side, they Charge 420 baht per 1 hr for Boddy Massage and 250 baht for 30 minutes for foot Massage, but the massage is well worth and incomparable. wat pho is the birth place of traditional Thai Massage.

Buddha Feet an inlaid with Mother Pearl with 108 auspicious symbols of Buddha

Buddha Feet an inlaid with Mother Pearl with 108 auspicious symbols of Buddha. From mythological creature to engrave parasol or umbrella, swastika, lotus is one of important symbol of Theravada Buddhism and different guardian angels an important religious symbol of Buddhism.


Large Reclining Buddha Feet

Measuring 46 meters long and 15 meters high, the feet engraved with mother pearl shows 108 auspicious characteristics of true Buddha, the feet made of encrusted glass mosaic a 3 meters high and 4.5 m long foot Buddha.

Next to Nirvana Buddha there are many various important different sizes of Lord Buddha image, measuring about 2 to 3 meters tall, and another features of 8 Buddha statues have different posture,

each Buddha image poses the day of the week people born from Monday to Sunday and particular time, and it’s Your Guardian Buddha represent the day you were Born, visitors can offer candles and flowers to your Guardian Buddha hoping to received good health, and peace of mind.

During religious celebration, vesak vesakah puja “Buddha day one of the most important month. Many worshippers and thousand of merit- making families, such as Theravada Buddhism followers visiting this sacred important temple during religious important day so avoid during this particular day, Especially afternoon.

at sala Kan Parian in an open pavilion a few steps from reclining Buddha there are about 108 bronze bowls, visitors can drop coins and ring the bells, hoping to received good luck, fortune, and prosperity, at the corner there is a counter for coin exchange where you can get to fill up to the 108 bowls, in Buddhism it believed in good luck and people make wishes.


Wat Pho Traditional Thai massage School, are you looking for the best Thai Traditional massage in Thailand after a long day of walking and siteseing?

Wat pho is well known best School Massage in Thailand and the right place to go for Massage, at the back of wat pho Temple just follow the sign inside this lead you to the building, the Thai traditional Thai massage is absolutely marvelous massage worth every penny, there are top professional absolutely must, first time visitors should try at least once if visiting Bangkok. inside the massage they provide one size fit all lose trousers, or Sarong " hip wraps around waist" lead you to bed with Traditional scented herbal oil under the pillow, the massage is a bit expensive 1 hr 420 baht traditional Thai massage and foot massage 30 min 250 baht, but it’s very worth. This is the best traditional Thai massage in Thailand recommended to visit early morning. This place has a long queue. And if you want to learn Traditional Thai Massage at Wat Pho they are also welcome new students all nationality. Wat Pho Massage School

Guide To Go: Wat Pho The Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Wat Pho Location Map

Getting to Wat Pho Reclining Buddha:

The are many Ways to go, either a Public Bus, Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Motor Bike Taxi or Canal Taxi Boat, or chao phraya express boat, even Trains The Reclining Buddha Is located at rattanakosin district, Ratchadamneon avenue link next to Royal Grand palace and wat Phra kaew temple the (emerald Buddha),if you are located at Siam paragon or mah bongkrung center take bts train station going to morchit get off the train at victory monument station, less traffic can consume more time.

at the ground floor, there are plenty of Bus going to Wat Pho or hiring a tuk tuk, or taxi will take you to wat pho (reclining Buddha)from Ratchadamnoen Klang, to Ratchadamnoeng Nai then Sanam Chai in front is Wat Pho or Maharat Road, These Area has tree section, where the grand palace, wat phra kaew, dusit zoo, samakhon hall, teak mansion, the giant swing, the golden mount, democracy monument, Loha Prasart (metal castle)the museum and queens gallery are located. Ratchadamneon is the highlight place in Bangkok to Visit.

By Sae Saeb Canal Taxi Boat:

from Pratunam Boat station off to panfah leerd boat station. Next to golden mount temple. Only few minutes’ walk from Ratchadamoen Klang Road, Public Bus is available in this Area. And this Location is the Center Direction going to Famous Attractions of Ratanakhosin, such as Grand Palace, wat Pho, Temple of Emerald Buddha, National Gallery, Dusit Zoo, Amantha Samakhon Trone Hall, Teak Palace, Flower Market, and Near to Wat Arun Temple just opposite side of Wat Pho.

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