Wat Phra Kaew "Temple of Emerald buddha"


Wat phra Kaew or si rattana satsadaram The most splendid Siamese temple The temple of emerald Buddha known in Thai as wat phra kaew located at the royal grand palace compound ubosot that houses the emerald Buddha is one of the most famous and beautiful temple in Thailand.

(Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram) in English they called it (the residence of the holy Buddha) wat phra kheow built in 1784 by king Rama 1 and built at the same time as Grand palace which shares the ground compound. the ground exterior decoration several mythical guardian figures an image of lion, elephant, oxen and monkey, kinna ree image half human half birds, guilded garuda and mythical giant yakshis, the galleries surrounded by hundred or thousand of mythical golden figures the wall are decorated made of glass mosaics tiles with the painting inscribed on the wall depicting scent of the ramkien.

The interior main chapel houses a (66 cm and 26 in) of emerald Buddha, The image of emerald Buddha sits upon the multi-terraced altar and the door has magnificent design decorated engrave a Mother pearl. While the wall painting representing the universe according the Buddhist cosmology.


Mythical Giants at the entrance gate of wat phra kheo guarded by a pair of Yakshis a 6 meters tall statues facing to ceremonial hall wat phra Sri ratna satsadaram the main Chapel of Wat Phra Kaew Temple. and other important religious figures are guarded the temple to ward off or protect against evil spirit.

Way back the origin and discovery of Emerald Buddha originated in India then move to Srilanka to save from war, but the king of Burma Anuruth(now Myanmar) promoted and practice Buddhism in his country so he requested Srilanka (Ceylon) a Buddha statues the emerald buddha, but the request was granted.

When the ship sail back to Burma containing the emerald Buddha a huge storm was encountered the ship lost, but at the time when Siamese soldiers captured Angkor wat in 1432 the emerald Buddha was taken to ayutthaya,then move to kamphengphet,vientien then chiangrai in 1434 the northern province of chiang rai the phra khew  morakot was inside a large stupa during the street procession, when the stupa tumbled down after being struck by lightning, a monk noticed a Buddha image covered in gold leaf beneath the crumbled stucco was inside, the monk believed that its only ordinary stone image , so the monk bring and place the Buddha statues in the wihan temple sanctuary together with other religious Buddha statues.

But a month later the plaster cored with the statue that was lacquered over covered with gold leaves chipped off on the statues face, the monks surprised at the temple saw the statues was made of beautiful green crystal, then the monks continue to strip off the covered plaster, and it was then seen by all the statue is made of stunning beautiful crystal a 66 cm and 26 in)green Buddha statues.

On the other sources of origin they beginning its first appearance in the northern town of chiang rai, upon its discovery in chiang rai, the emerald Buddha are much coveted, and talk of the town, the Buddha move and traveled to the other parts of the region from chiang rai, chiang Mai, lampang, luang prabang, Vientiane, Thonburi and finally in Bangkok, the power of emerald Buddha believed to bring legitimacy to the king and prosperity to the country.

The arrival of emerald Buddha in Bangkok mark the beginning and the rise of the Chakri dynasty.Rama1 constructed the most stunning beautiful temple the ( wat phra Sri Rattana satsadaram)the main hall at the same ground in grand palace to house the emerald Buddha.

The robe wear change 3 times a year with different season,The hot season has a beautiful dress with gold and jeweled ornaments with diamond encrusted robe.

The rainy season marked with flaming top knot headdress made of sapphires and gold while the gold robe is decorated with rubies draping over the left shoulders. Made of solid gold beads robe during cool season introduced by king chulalongkorn.

several Phrang tower took form of multi-tiered structure with receding sizes and shapes, and elegant multitiered roof ceremonial hall wat phra Sri ratna satsadaram the main Chapel decorated with coloured enamels roof covered painted in orange and green tiles, decorated gilded figures of narayana and garuda.


King Rama 1st

Introduced the ceremonies of the emerald Buddha headdress image marking the change of every season. The king only introduced the ceremony for the hot season and rainy season, but later on the next throne king Rama 3 (king chulalongkorn) introduce the ceremony for the cool season during his reign.

Wat phra kaew temple merit-making Temple of the emerald Buddha is a sacred place for the major important ceremonies held, where the Buddhist teaching proclaimed to become a monks and novices to follow. During religious day many worshippers and thousand of merit- making families come to join the religious ceremonies. Emerald Buddha deified at wat phra keo regarded in Thailand as the protector of the country the most sacred temple in Thailand.

The main hall ceremonial hall wat phra Sri Ratna satsadaram At the north of the Royal chapel in phra dhep Bidorn pavilion, H.M King Rama VI deposited the life size statues of the past monarch of the Chakri Dynasty. During the month of may 6 every year the public was commemorate to pay the homage of the statues of the Chakri.

Phra Mandop (The Library) inside contains the tripitaka the holy Buddhist Manuscript the Buddha sacred scripture

located at the north east of the grand palace entrance gate of Wat phra Kheow The temple of emerald Buddha is the royal chapel built by H.M king Rama I writhin the grand palace complex,popular know as (wat phra kheo temple of emerald Buddha)emerald Buddha a place to held for the royal function and important religious ceremonies

The Royal Pantheon or phrasat Thepbidon has spire houses of the eight previous kings of chakri dynasty spectacular colorful frescoes of the truly Siamese design built by king Rama IV to houses the emerald Buddha but at the end the king realized that the shrine is too small to accommodate the important religious ceremony.

The exterior wall of (wat phra Sri Rattana satsadaram) decorated with hundreds and thousands of small golden mystical figure they called it gilded Garuda, each capturing two nagas stucco molding techniques on the gallery of the ceremonial hall wat phra Sri ratna satsadaram temple of emerald Buddha. Bangkok.

Garuda is the mythological king of birds, in form he appears half human and half eagle and is the Devine vehicle of Vishnu (or narayana)


Object to the six meter giant high statue called it yak the guardian angel through the roofs and spires with obligatory covering with gold are stunning.


Kinna ree

kinaraa mythological creature a half bird half men - the loveliest of the himmapan being a beautiful half bird Kinna ree the other counterpart a half beautiful women half swan it is renown of excellence of singing, poet and graceful dancing. One of the external decorations of the obosoth ceremonial hall wat phra Sri Ratna satsadaram Wat phra khaew.


The Thai painting The murals Ramakien -at the northern most chambers ( phra Kromanusorn)The Thailand national epic of the ancient Hindu or sankrit epic Ramayana It contains 178 mural panels depicting the Ramakien at the temple of emerald Buddha compound where the murals tell the story with different number of version inscription on the wall. Reflecting exemplifying virtues of honesty faith, and devotion, dedication, literary epic dealing with reincarnation on earth of destined in his rebirth to rid the world of demons.
Ramakien was written under the King Rama 1 (1782-1809) and it has received an extensive restoration Up to the present time. Some aspect were transposed into Thai context describe such as the element of nature, topography, clothes and weapons.
The Opposite Side sits The Golden Stupa (Phra Sri Ratana) the chedi a Ceylonese style built by Rama IV to house the relic of the holy Buddha reflect the image of wat Phra Sri Sanphet Temple in Ayutthaya.


Temple of Emerald Buddha Wat Pha Kaew Location Map:


Temple of Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace Dress Code:

only these temple has a very strict dress code rules are applies compare to other temples and palaces. wear proper attire; female should cover up legs knee length, and shoulder. This Place no sleeveless shirt, short, shirts, no skirt, sandals, sleepers, no bare foot, take off your shoes upon entering inside the temple. Although proper sarong clothes are provided. Clothing can be rented at 200 baht per person for deposit near entrance door and pls keep your ticket for refundable you will need it after you will exit the same way at the entrance door. Bring enough cash and bottle of water, and wear comfortable clothes. humid, and hot weather runs from March to Jun.

Temple of Emerald Buddha Entrance Fee or Admission Fee is a little high fee but this fee will goes to Temple maintenance, palaces and museum: entrance fee cost 500 bath per person these admission fee are included the other 3 famous attractions nearby, including the vimanmek the Largest Teak palace, and abhisek dusit throne hall.

Temple of Emerald Budha Opening and Closing Hours: daily open from Monday thru Sunday 8:30 am -3:30 pm the best time to visit is morning before noon from 8-10:30 am less crowded early morning are the best time to visit because the admission fee of 500 baht they included the 3 other famous tourist attractions are listed on your ticket to visit so visitors are enable enough time to see all famous attractions in this area. the worst rush hour traffic is monday and friday from 7-9 am and 4pm-6pm specially every end of the month.



 Getting to Temple of Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace ?

By boat:

Take Chao Phraya Express off at Tha Thien Pier only 9 minutes walking distance to Grand Palace and temple of emerald Buddha, infact this Boat Pier is located right in front of The Reclining Buddha Wat Pho.  And the opposite side is The famous Land Mark Wat Arun Temple, so if plan to visit Wat Arun Temple is only 5 minutes ride crossing another ferry at Tha Tien pier and the boat fare is 3 baht. you can visit this temple from 8:30am to 5:30 pm entrance fee 50 baht.

BTS Train

From your location takes bts sky train going to saphantaksin station drop off there, then a few minute walk you can see sathorn pier (central pier) chao praya express boat, every 30 minutes leave. One way ride is 25 baht per trip. Take the boat going to tha tien pier then change another boat to cross the pier the fare is 3 baht. At Tha Tien Pier Area has much tourist attraction such Grand Palace, temple of Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho the reclining buddha, national museum or along the ratanakosin Area.

The Grand Palace is only 9 minutes walk. Reminder Grand Palace is always open every day so don’t believed other people if they will approach you or in your group to bring you somewhere by tuk tuk driver so be careful.

Other option -

Take taxi I think the most convenient if group can share the fare, let say if your location from victory monument, at the ground of victory monument bts train station. Tell the cab driver you’re going to Grand Palace and "Wat Phra Kaew" The fare start 80 to 120 baht depends on the traffic jam.

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